Monday, January 19, 2009

Carrot Love

Hello January 19th - not sure how this came about - but it has. Already week 3 of 2009. To start out week 3, I stayed home today. I am just wanting to heal up the kids (aka kidney). Chris was also off today - so it was a nice treat. Not too much happening - made homemade chicken soup - walked the pups - cleaned the sheets - and that's about it. Really took it easy.

We had a nice visit with Myles and family last night. Brooklyn is so beautiful and I had many nice cuddles with her. Myles and Jessica are young parents - but you can tell that they love this little one and one another - and I wish them nothing but the best on this endeavor. 

The chicken and veggies turned out good, I thought.  Chris said that they didn't have much flavour. Not sure if you noticed, but I have finally posted 'Chris' Recipe Ratings' - I have to give this to him - I have to realize that if he doesn't like something, that I can't be offended - but come on!!!! it's hard. He is not saying 'eeek, not my favourite' to make me mad (I hope -Chris, are you?) - but that the dish needs something. 

I have some soup on the go. The stock is simmering - I added a couple of chicken breasts - bone in, to the stock as well, so there will be lots of flavour and chicken. I have veggies left over - so I plan on sauteing some leeks, then adding the veggies then the stock and then  puree it all up. So it will be a nice creamy soup. When the veggies are all pureed, I will add the delicious chunks of chicken and corn - probably some hot chili flakes. This will be a nice hearty soup - I am looking forward to it. It's going to be a cold night, so the soup will keep us warm.

Chris is at Kung Fu - so he will give me his rating after he has eaten it. He better like it - wink wink.

The pups are wanting a walk, so I had better get busy.


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