Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am in need of a KitKat bar!

Hump day - good day? I guess. I slept in - the pup woke me up at 6:47 - whoa! Good boy. Too bad he also woke me up about 10 other times during the night. One time at 3:30 in the morning to try and duke it out with Ogre (the cat). Oh well, that 47 minutes of extra sleep was quite nice.

Ok - so yes, I would love a KitKat bar - really any chocolate would do - but today I really thought about the chocolaty goodness of a KitKat. Writing this blog has been so fun, and each day, I like to think about what I will write about, what dinner will be, etc. Because this week is dedicated to my Grandma, I knew that chocolate would have to be a topic. Grandma LOVED chocolate! She strongly felt that a piece of chocolate a day was good for everyone. We would all laugh when she would call us to say that she was 'off of chocolate for a month' - not sure how she did it, but she always managed to. Today on the way home from work I was thinking about grandma's story* of the KitKat (*grandma's love for the 'bar' - as she would call it)  and how it came about. 

13 years ago this April, my dad had to have an operation on his ankle - he had to fix what he had done when he was 19 when he apparently didn't think that it was broken. His recovery for the first 2 weeks were on grandma's couch - and oh how good it would have been to be a fly on the wall. Anyways, before dad's visit (or during, not sure exactly) a trip was made to Costco where grandma picked up the jumbo sized box of KitKats. Each day, I think that they tried to restrain themselves until after lunch - they would break open the box, pick a bar, split it up, enjoy it, and then go back for another. When I came for a weekend to visit - my aunt and uncle came for tea, grandma and I made the tea, put out some goodies, and grandma cracked open the cupboard with the KitKats, ripped open the wrapper and split it into the thin chocolaty delights, and served it on a plate. I can still remember it to this day - they couldn't pass up their daily treat.

Each year since, we all spoiled grandma with KitKats - and she would laugh so hard with the biggest smile when she would open the gifts and then hide them away from us. I think all of the grandchildren HEART chocolate - some more than others. 

Since grandma's passing, Babs has carried on the tradition of treating us to KitKat's (PS - Mom you haven't eaten yours from Christmas and I didn't see it on your table the other night - so Debbie if you ate it - I will freak). Today while driving home from work, I was thinking of how something so small can evoke such emotions. Is it because of the memories it brings, the tradition that it created, the bond that my dad and grandma had for that two weeks? I don't know - but it made me sad today - a good sad, but sad. What we all would do to sit with them again and enjoy a KitKat and laugh.  I can still see both of their faces when I think of how something so sweet would make them so happy. Their grins are forever eternal to me.


Ok - so dinner is a cookin'. One of grandma's. I actually didn't know that I had it. It was on the back of the Chicken Vegetable Bake recipe - so I thought that I would give it a try. Before cooking, I had to tidy the kitchen up. How does it get that way? At least my kitchen table has not cluttered - and I can still enjoy the lovely basket that Hugh and family filled for us for Christmas with treats from the Okanagan. Isn't it lovely?

Jean's Pork Tenderloin

2 lbs of pork tenderloin (I used two smaller ones instead of larger)
2 tbsp of butter (or olive oil)
1 can of cream of asparagus soup
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1/4 cup milk
1/2 chopped onion
1 can of whole mushrooms (I used fresh and sliced about 2 cups)
1/2 tsp of curry powder
Dash of pepper

Pound pork slices to flatten - interesting - just reading that now - I did not slice mine - should still be ok. Brown the meat in the butter in a skillet that has a lid - I used the electric skillet. Once browned, remove and set aside.
In the same pan add the soups and the milk. Blend together and then add the remaining ingredients. Add the meat, cover and let simmer for about 45 minutes. I just added asparagus and will let cook for about 10 minutes.
I am serving this over brown rice - I know that we have already had rice this week, but I think that this will go best with rice - and brown rice is healthier. 

Chris rated this a 5+ - Grandma would have been thrilled.

So far the dish looks and smells good, and I am anxiously waiting the rice to cook. All in all over an hour from start to finish, but not a hard dish at all. I wasn't going to say anything, but the bread and marg did come out tonight during dinner prep. I really can't help it. Eating lunch at noon, and then going another 6 hours without eating, is too hard. 

Thank you to Jenny and Beth for commenting on my blog, and to my lovely family who have sent me the best emails. 

I hope that you all treat yourself to a little piece of chocolate and think of someone you love and miss when enjoying it - because they will be with you savouring every bite.

Goodnight sweet lads and lassies.


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Jenny said...

Ohhh...chocolate...sweet sweet chocolate!!!
It's true about the littlest things that evoke memories. Whenever I make mashed potatoes I think of my dad. He loved mashed potatoes and would love if I added a little garlic...I can still hear him saying(rather shouting) " should try and spice up your patatas some time!" and it always makes me smile!
Hey have you read Laura's blog(wittman)...
google org junkie and that's her.
Your supper looks fantastic!! I made pea soup and ham/cheese sandwiches..not too original but the family loved it!