Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let's start over.

Well hello.

I did my post last night and then noticed that there was a post from over a year and a half ago,when I first created my blog,  that just didn't fit. I've removed it, and feel so much better now. It was from a time when I knew that I needed to make some changes in my life - and think that I needed something to help me show my progress - and I guess that I didn't really need that. I have made changes that I am proud of and have so much more to do.

Enough about that though. Let's talk Dinner and food, and cooking and whatever. 

Before I go further into this journey, I have so many people to thank for my love of cooking: My mom - who always made me feel a part of making dinner and letting me make the pudding; Mrs. Sherstan - who always loved to show me new things; My buddy (I still call her  Mrs. Wiseman) - who often walked me through on the phone how to make Minute Rice; My Auntie Babs - an amazing cook and loves to share recipe ideas with me; my Grandma Beech - I lived with her for a year and knew 2 dishes - sweet & sour meatballs and pork chops with mushroom soup and the Minute Rice got me every time; and my Grandma Mitchell - always so graceful when she cooked - making the most amazing and delicious meals. And to all of my friends and family who have blessed me with letting me cook for them. 

I have mentioned my lovely partner Chris, and how he is my biggest fan. I plan on putting together a rating scale for my recipes - he being the one that ranks them. He is very excited about this - so trust me - you will have honest ratings.

Tonight, there was no cooking. It was a treat. We went to my mom's for dinner so that we could help her set up her new plasma flat screen (way to go Jules!!!) and she treated us with a delicious dinner. Chicken, sweet potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts and broccoli. So good. And there was even dessert - a nice apple cake - apparently not 'bad' for you. Mmmm?

Happy cooking everyone - more recipes will follow.


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