Thursday, January 15, 2009

My gold TOOF!

I survived.  3 hour appointment with the dentist - 3 hours with my mouth open. Not my favourite way to spend an afternoon downtown - but it's over. I have been fretting about this appointment for months - it's came - it's done - and I only have to go back for one more appointment just to fix it all up. I had to have my old silver feelings replaced - and a filling that broke which needed a crown. I had this done last year for another tooth - it was repaired with gold, which I adoringly call - my GOLD TOOF. The moral of this story - go to your dentist regularly. I have a great one if you are on the look for one - he's quite attractive too :)

I decided that since the appointment was somewhat of a marathon, that I wouldn't be making dinner tonight. I know, cheating, but sometimes you really need to. Chris and I pondered what to have - we wanted pasta from B-Red Bakery, but for some reason they aren't doing pasta right now, and it seems like they don't really know if they will have it again soon. So... we ordered from the local Greek and Italian restaurant - Il Greco - for a little pasta and pizza. This wasn't a healthy dinner - but it was good comfort food. If you haven't tried them before, I would recommend them. They have great calamari and chicken souvlaki.

We have a big weekend - moving furniture - road trip to Van to see my dear friend visiting from Dublin. She is so generous and is giving us her bedroom suite. So generous. I don't anticipate a lot of cooking this weekend. I think that we have dinner plans on Sunday night - for our sweet Myles his lovely girlfriend and their sweet new bundle of joy. I want to make something delicious - a nice homecooked meal for them - possibly lasagna with chicken, spinach and ricotta.  We'll see. 

Instead of a recipe, I have a tip for tonight. Kosher Salt. I heart kosher salt. I never used to use salt - not even to add to boiling water. I don't even think that I ever even bought salt. Then I tried sea salt, which I do like. And then after watching countless cooking shows - I decided to give Kosher a try. Now, I am hooked. Kosher salt is supposed to be the most natural salt bringing out the flavours of what you are cooking. If you are in Vancouver, and have a chance to stop by The Gourmet Warehouse - check out their Cote D'Azur Kosher Salt. It's delicious. 

I am curled up sipping hot cocoa, listening to our Magnum wake up from a bad dream (poor pup, but so cute), Jozie is my parrot and Chris is sitting by my side - we have had an entire evening together - Thursdays are my favourite. 

I hope that tomorrow goes by fast - and that the weekend feels endless. Love your time.


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Jenny said...

I have Kosher salt and have never used it. I will certainly be giving it a try from now on.
Did you have an awesome visit with Nancy??