Sunday, January 11, 2009

Road trip successful

Sunday night - the weekend is over. I had a great weekend - I took my eldest nephew on a hockey road trip. They lost one and won one. We stayed the night in Campbell River - I quite like it there. Connor is a great guy - we had so much fun. I feel quite honoured that he still actually likes to hang out. We ate quite well - Moxie's for dinner, and a Quizno's sub for our trip home. At Moxie's I had a Cocunut Chicken Curry with Rice - ginger and pineapple. I will definitely be making this one night. Starbucks were in abundance, so I could have my daily fix - Venti, half sweet, passion tea. So good. 

I have arrived home to my lovely dogs and partner. I had envisioned a complete home cooked meal for when I arrived home, unfortunately, there wasn't. But that's ok. This way I know that he had a nice relaxing weekend, stress free, and didn't have to worry about cooking a dinner for me.  So as a treat - we are having pizza from B-RED . We ordered the Roasted Chicken and the Two Meat. We LOVE this pizza. They do all organic ingredients - their crust is thin and so delicious and they top the crust off with honey and poppy seeds. I recommend this to anyone. I can't wait until we bite in. I am hoping that we can curl up in front of the tv, pizza in hand, dogs at our feet, and the Golden Globes (I hear Bruce Springsteen is up for a nomination - GO BRUCE!!). I am pretty sure everything by the latter will happen.

I am thinking of what dinner will be already for tomorrow night. I have a feeling that it will be some sort of dish with boneless chicken breasts and lots of veggies - I have a fridge full that need to be eaten. 

Until tomorrow.


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