Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Run Wee Lassie, Run!

Tuesday = success. We woke up to a very thin blanket of snowy white goodness - not sure how many feel about the snow equaling 'goodness' - but I love. Work was very positive today - I felt that I was able to accomplish what I set out to - my Women's only running clinic started and to top it off it's Biggest Loser day. 

Oh, you ask 'Women's only running clinic'? Yes!!!! First day. My great friend, Maegan - who adoringly has nicknamed me 'Shirley Rotten' - sent me the details and we signed up. The clinic is for women only, for women that are all at different fitness levels and all with the goal of running or walking the Times Colonist 10K.  It was a great night! Maegan and I joined the 'First timers' group - not b/c it's the first time that we have ran - oh believe me, I am not a runner but I have spent time on the 'mill' - but the next group up was the 'Been there done that' and they were going to be doing 5 minute runs then 1 minute walk. I am definitely not there yet. We had a great time - we didn't "wet them" but came very close. This is just the beginning for me - I can feel the wind whipping through my hair - this is just the beginning - one more exciting road to go down. And can't wait to share the journey. Just the beginning.

"Run Lassie, Run". I can hear my grandma's voice when I think about that. My grandma was always active - even in her later years - she often tired us out first. She walked everywhere, always. She did drive, years ago, but she was far better on her feet than behind the wheel. It was always a treat to get out for a nice walk with her. We often walked up the street to pick up a few things at the store, or through the neighbourhood to admire the leaves.  We all know her stories of having to run home from school, walking to and from work, and every Thursday to get her hair done. She was such an amazing woman in so many ways, but the way that she always took care of herself (and everyone around her - that is a true gift) and made sure that she stayed active is something that I think of everyday and know how inspiring she was to all of us. She always made a point to tell us that we should be wearing good shoes. My dad always felt the same way, and always treated us to good shoes.

So tonight's run was for grandma. 

Ok, sigh.

Tonight's dinner was not homemade. And it was not one of grandma's recipe - but I know that she would have loved to sit down to a warm bowl made just for her. From work, to mom's with the pups, to the running clinic, back to mom's and then dinner. Thankfully I had a few things on hand to be able to make a relatively healthy dinner, quickly.

2 cans of Habitant Vegetable Soup. 1 pack of Eating Right whole wheat cheese tortellini. That's it. Put it all into big pot, cook over medium heat and stir regularly. We had it with a piece of pumpernickel (I had the marg on it). This is a great meal solution, when you don't feel like cooking. I think that I'll call it - Habivegellini - catchy.

Chris rated this a 3.  (He said that it's missing it b/c it wasn't made by me - whatever) :)

Welcome my friends and family that are joining me and reading! It's so comforting to have you around.

I wish you all a good night - and a lovely tomorrow. Bring it on, bring - it - on.



Jenny said...

That is awesome about the running!! My goal is to start the running program at the end of February. I have to start from the beginning again cuz I let it go after my dad died...ughh...not sure why. Oh well...
Sounds like you guys had a yummy quick supper. We had chicken pitas last night.
Have a great Wednesday!

Beth said...

I read the whole thing. I can't even tell you how proud I am, how much you rule, how inspiring this is. You can do anything, and I love you and am happy to call you friend.

Also...I am happy to let you cook for me any time, if it will help you. I'm just THAT selfless.