Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am so. I am so grateful for so many things, but on this particular day - grateful for my cousin Margo's email. She sent me a list of all of the things that she is grateful for and it made me remember. It made me remember something that I haven't done in a long time. 

I used to lie in bed at night and think of the things that I was grateful for that day. Something that may only take a minute, that may help you fall asleep - almost like counting sheep, that reminds you of all the good in your life. 

Life is good. Life is what we make of it. We only get one chance - so we have to make it right. Embracing the simple things that we are grateful for will help us get through the difficult times and help us keep a positive attitude. And the only thing that can really happen is that you spread all of this wonderful energy to those around you - to those that you want to be happy, content - who you are grateful for.

Today I am grateful for: a crisp morning, the love of my best friend and partner and how he always makes me laugh, accomplishing my run clinic homework, for the longer days, for two cute dogs and a cat that always are happy to see me at the end of a long day, for chocolate ice cream, for healthy friends and family, for the end of Chris' week, for a homemade dinner, for hearing from an old friend. That is just a few things, and I know when I rest my head tonight, I will have so many more thoughts running through my head.

Need to share a funny story. Chris called me today to confirm the days off that he needs for our trip (41 more sleeps) - he had them wrong even though I have told him about 10 times. Anyways, he starts the call off with "Guess what I'm looking at? An engagement ring! Cindy got engaged...." So of course, because engagement is sometimes not as funny of topic as it should be, I don't say much - it made me a little sensitive. The intuitive man that Chris is, picked up on this right away - I was a little surprised. Ok, so that's not the funny part. When I get home from work, I'm in a rush, but I see on the kitchen table one of those paper ring size charts that you get with any sort of jewelry catalogue and it is on top of a note. The note reads:

I cannot take it anymore!!!!
Pick your ring size here and it will be done.
Do this first - then go to bottom. Got your ring size????
(Then a line with an arrow goes to the bottom of the page and the ring chart is covering the bottom of the page - and it reads:)

Will you marry me now?
Circle - YES or NO
Love Chris 

So I guess we're engaged!!! HA. Poor guy, he humours me. He knows that I want to get married and I know that it will happen. He then wanted me to put the ring size chart on my finger and wear it around. 

I get asked all the time why I am not married. There aren't really any good reasons - it's just not something that we have prioritized in our lives. We have the same commitment as a married couple does - we just don't have the piece of paper committing us. I realized that after my dad passed away, for some reason, being married wasn't so important. I always pictured my dad walking me down the aisle, the bag pipes playing in the background and him holding my arm in his, so proud and saying something like "Here we go Poods, don't trip for godssakes". The day will come when we are ready, it will be a party - with friends and family - and lots and lots of love.

Chris made dinner tonight - and I give it a 5! We had turkey soft tacos. Ground turkey with my favourite taco seasoning from the Gourmet Warehouse, whole wheat tortillas, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream and guacamole. It was a really delicious dinner. 

We had a busy night - but it was successful and a good start to the weekend ahead of us. I am proud to say that I finished my running clinic homework and it wasn't a struggle. I actually enjoyed t. I am so grateful for joining this program and grateful that I haven't broken my spirit. 

I am signing off - and thanking everyone for their kind thoughts. You have no idea how much it means to me. 

Until tomorrow - rest well, know that many people are grateful for having YOU in their lives and treat yourself to something decadent tomorrow - and then let me know what it was.




Jenny said...

I understand what you were saying about being as commited as being married. Scott and I were in the same boat. Our engagement(?) was not at all romantic.
Jenny:"Hey...we should think about getting married..."
Scott:passes me the calendar. "sure pick a date!"
I was all over that one...and picked a date in five minutes!LOL
I love being married. It rocks!!
So happy for you....

Anonymous said...

The mother is always the last to know!!! YUK!!!