Thursday, February 5, 2009

I've waited for this day all week.

It's here, it's Thursday. To me, Thursday feels like my Friday. I think it's b/c Thursday is Chris' Friday and it's the first night of the week that we get to have dinner together, hang out, watch a little tele, and spend some much needed time together. Tonight was like one of many - although Chris got home a little late to my liking, ahem :) - he brought home Noodle Box - I had the Spicy Peanut and Chris had the Cambodian Jungle Curry. So delicious! It was a nice treat. Then we curled up to watch a few shows - and then we were supposed to go for a run, but Chris was out cold. Poor guy. He is so tired. And I am chicken to go on the Goose on my own, so it will have to wait until Saturday, but it will be done! 

Today was a pretty good day. I managed to rise on time. I had this weird vertigo going on today and felt nauseous for most of the day - but that has since passed. Thankfully.

We have a party tomorrow night - our friend Michael's 40th birthday party. It's not a formal party, but I have no idea what I am going to wear. I bought a strapless kind of hangy sort of style black top for our Christmas party this year and when I bought it, I had planned to wear it with something over top of my arms - b/c I HATE MY ARMS. But after I got ready that night, I just decided to wear it as is. I thought, screw it, I'm in my own home, with my friends and family and I am just going to feel good. And I did feel good. So, I thought that I would wear that tomorrow night, but definitely not on it's own. So I headed out to look for something - and I think that I am cursed when I go shopping for something in mind. If I am just out, and not needing anything, I can find anything; but, if I am out to find something specific, good luck! Anyways, I ended up buying a black cardigan from the Gap, which does not look good with the top, so I'll have to either leave work a bit early and take a trip to another mall, or wear something that I already have. Sigh.

No cooking tonight - and none tomorrow night either.  I plan on making a few dishes from my Cooking Light cookbook his weekend.  Something different that I haven't made before. I will keep you posted and report back.

In the meantime, I thought that I would leave you with some of my favourite items that I have in my pantry - aka kitchen cupboard. I so wish that I will have a pantry some day - speaking of kitchens, check out my neighbour's new website - I am hoping that he will do a cupboard in my kitchen when he is done the project that he is working on right now. Find some of James' masterpieces here.

Each morning at work I have either Squirrley bread or a whole wheat english muffin with Western Family brand Organic Peanut Butter - it is so good, and is sweetened with cane sugar. I have just started this jar, I usually have Adam's, also so good.  And to that I add a banana. My absolute favourite treat each day is my Venti 1/2 sweet iced Passion Tea from Starbucks. I go every work day to my local Starbucks right near work for my fix. I usually walk over with my friend Tracy and we do a quick stop at Save On. When I went on Monday they were out of Passion Tea - I ordered my standby - Vanilla Tea Misto. 

One of our favourite and healthy snacks is Edamame - we buy it frozen in the freezer aisle at Safeway - boil it for 5 mins, drain, toss in kosher salt, and serve it up. If you haven't tried them before - trust me, you will love them.  I also am hooked on Pink Lady apples right now - hello ma lady! I love the sliced up with some marble cheddar. They are the perfect snack together.

Ok, that's about it for me for tonight. Chris and Jozie are in bed and wee Magnum is chewing a bone at my feet. He will be ready for bed anytime soon too.

I hope you all have a great Friday - it's the start to a blissful weekend.



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Jenny said...

I love squirrely bread as well. I haven't tried the edamame,but sounds yummy. I know Scott would love it as well.
Your neighbour's work is to.die.for!!!