Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My eyes are dim, I cannot see....

I have been doing our "bookkeeping" for the last 4 1/2 hours. My eyes are a little tired. I made a big stir fry feast, did bookkeeping for at least 4 hours and then when we could almost see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we were on the ball, and almost near the year end, the damn PC started to fail us - as a result the program shut down, and I now have to go back starting sometime in April or May. I could cry, but I'm not going to. Well maybe a little, b/c I don't like doing this stuff, but it is my part of the deal. I am HiddenDistance Kung Fu's secretary, and poor Chris, I am not doing the best job.

Just a short blog tonight - I'm a wee bit tired. 

I hope that you are all taking really good care of yourselves, there is a nasty flu/cold bug going around. I KNOW that I am not going to get it. I have been OD'ing on the OJ, getting lots of fresh air, and washing my hands like a mad woman (I usually wash my hands a lot for the record, in case you were wondering) :).

Valentine's Day - or as I like to sometimes call it - VD - is just around the corner. Any exciting plans? I have a heart shaped cake pan that I plan on making something with - I'll keep you posted. I also plan on trying to make the caramelized onion tart this weekend - I am on the hunt for a savory pie crust recipe. 

Anyways - good night to all. Tomorrow is one of my favourite days - let's all embrace it - only 1 more day until the weekend.



PS - Magnum did a 'jobby' right behind us tonight when we were doing our books. Thanks Magnum. Naughty boy. 

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