Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nail time.

Hello friends. It's Thursday night - one more day until the weekend - love weekend. Tomorrow is also Friday the 13th. My cousin Margo says that Friday the 13th is lucky day - so I am taking her word for it - and can only welcome, good, GOOD things tomorrow. 

I am pretty excited. Ok, REALLY excited. Chris and I almost have a week long holiday booked - thanks to my friend Tracy for giving us the idea, and to my Aunt Babs for finding us all the information, we are booking a week long, all-inclusive to a resort in the Mayan Riviera. Neither of us have ever been on a holiday like this before - so it's all pretty exciting. I don't want to jinx it in anyway, so I will post all the deets tomorrow.

Today was my 3 week nail appointment. My nails were getting pretty long - so they are all nice and neat and beautified. I am not blessed with nice nails, so I cheat and treat myself to have them done for me. As a result of having my nails done, I have met a wonderful friend, Lynn. Lynn is one of my close friends. She is that person who you know you can go to about anything. I feel so comfortable with her, and tell her everything. She is without judgement, wise, fun, a wonderful listener, loves animals, and so much more.  I have been going to her for about 7 years. 7 years! I really cherish our appointments and always feel so good after I leave. I feel so blessed to have her in my life - it's so good to surround yourself with people that you love - you're worth it.

Since I got home late tonight - dinner was not homemade. I had a pack of Veggie Patch Broccoli Bites.  I bought them on my weekly shop last week, and I am happy that I did. They are really good if you haven't tried them before. I have had the spinach ones before and they too are delicious. Relatively healthy, something easy to heat up. I dipped them in sour cream. Chris tried them and he said that they needed ketchup. Oh, Chris was out at a soire tonight - he had a dinner out - I had to "Make My Own Damn Dinner" - ha. I would really recommend giving these a try. I think that you'll like them.

We had a treat as well. I couldn't help it when I saw it in the store tonight. We all need treats, right? God, I need to stop with the treats - I need to try and lose 120 before our AI - all inclusive. I'm in trouble. Ok, back to the treat, Reese Peanut Bar - like the cups but in a bar instead. It was a nice treat at the end of the day.

No cooking tonight - I'm sorry, just not a lot of time. I have some plans to cook up a storm this weekend amongst a bunch of other things. I am on the hunt for a duvet cover that I found at Zellers - House and Home Nest - I've been to two Zellers and they don't have a Queen size. It will be for the spare room downstairs - I really want to get that organized this weekend as well, Chris hint hint, so that is on my to do list. I will post pics when it is all sorted.

Ok friends - off to bunk with Chris and the pups. FYI the pups pretty much take up the whole bed. Oh well, who needs more than an 1/8th of the bed at night anyways. Holla!

Ok, soak in your Friday - set your sights for a great weekend - and hopefully you do something special for your VD - the way you want to. Don't get sucked into flowers and choccies (ok we all love choccies) if that's not your thing. LOVE.


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