Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oh what a night...

Phew... I am home! Chris to the rescue - reminds me I can't live without him. So after a good run - then to mom's to pick up the pups then a stop at the gas station - I realized that I locked my FRICKIN' keys in the truck. DAMN!!!! I was in the 'prime' spot - so people would pull up and then have to back out. The attendant at first was not impressed that I was blocking the pump, or that I needed to use their phone to try and get in touch with Chris or Jules. Jules' phone was busy the entire time and Chris was not picking up at the studio. After about 20 minutes, I gave and prayed that the 'umpteen' messages I left would be heard and I would be 'rescued'. 

While I was waiting - the poor pups had to wait too - I decided that the baked omelette that was going to be dinner would have to wait until tomorrow night, and Subway would be on the menu tonight. I had a chicken breast with a bunch of veggies and cheese, and Chris had steak with the veggies and cheese. In the end they were pretty satisfying.

I was so mad at myself - so frustrated. So frustrated that I wanted to cry. It was a long day, and this was the topper.

The running club was good. We did a 3 minute walk and a 1 minute run, 7 times. I was last after about the 3rd run - I tried not to think about it that way. I am slow, but isn't it said that the 'fastest doesn't always win the race'? It was a good session tonight, Maegan was so much fun - especially when she pretended to flash a car full of guys at the light. Oh Megs, good times.

I am home safe and sound, ready for bed and know that tomorrow will be such a great day! Tomorrow night's dinner will be full of healthy goodness - a baked omelette with lots of vegetables, cheese and maybe some pancetta if I have time to pick some up.

I hope you all had a great day - and if you ever lock your keys in the car - don't panic. Call me, I will try and help.

Embrace your loved ones and thank them for the things that they do for you - often. Chris thank you for taking care of me and mom thanks for loving the pups.



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Beth said...

awww, Cherzie! I know that feeling all too well. The day's been so long and you're exhausted and hanging on, trying to squeeze the last few polite smiles at strangers out of yourself while visions of slippers and chilling out dance in your head, and then.....!!! YUOU HAVE GOT! TO BE FRICKING! KIDDING MEEEE!!!

sorry you had to go through it, glad you survived.

loveity love.