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Well, how was it? Have you all had a lovely day? Has it been romantic?  I started to write earlier today and thought that I would post many of the things that I love - then I got busy, and decided to catch up a little later today. So, this is where I am.

Valentine's Day started out early. Very early. 6:44 AM on a Saturday - you know it - Thanks Magnum. We started our early jaunt and we came across our wee pup's, best bud (besides Joz and Ogre) - it's a beautiful cream coloured cat with a grey tail. We found it lazing in our neighbour's tree, and the kitty came down to meet us and they played for so long. He had so much fun. He is so funny - he runs up to the cat and then runs back to me - almost for reassurance. He is such the character. So...I guess for wee Magnum this kitty was his Valentine today. I thought I would share a pic. PS - when Magnum and I were greeting the morning, Chris and Jozie were sleeping. So very tired.
As the morning progressed, Chris made me his breakfast specialty. We feasted on beautifully poached eggs and Starbucks. 

Then it was off for a long dog walk - Chris was off to Kung Fu. After that Jules and I headed out to Home Outfitters and had a great time. We ended up getting some great deals on a new bath towels - made partially from Bamboo - they had the most amazing colours. I ended up getting 4, a bath mat and what I went for - a faux leather bench. If you are in the lookout for one of these - head out there. They are normally @$129 - on sale for $99 and then there is a 20% off coupon this week. Hello! The bench will go in our computer area - once the pantry's have been set up and the built-in-desk has been built - oh I how I hope it happens soon.

We stopped at the Market - I got some free-range chicken breasts, some pork sausages with apple and thyme and a couple of filet mignon's for Chris. I had high hopes of making a delicious and romantic dinner - what got in the way was the 2 hours it took to put an Ikea bed together and an hour of finishing up the books. Thankfully they are both done.

So, I tried to make a balsamic vinegar reduction - it started out so good, and ended up tasting like - burnt. Chris said that it was a definite 1
I made a whole wheat pasta with broccoli stalks and cherry tomatoes.  Check it out:

Whole Wheat pasta with Broccoli stalks and tomatoes
1/2 box of Whole Wheat pasta - I HEART this one
1-2 cups of chopped broccoli stalks chopped into small bite size bits
2 cups of cherry or grape tomatoes
3 cloves of garlic - minced
1/2 cup parmesan

Boil pasta until el dante, typically about 10 minutes. In the meantime, saute garlic and broccoli stalks in olive oil - add kosher salt and pepper. Saute for about 10 minutes, add tomatoes. Before draining pasta, use a 1-2 ladles of pasta water to vegetables. Drain pasta and return to pot. Pour broccoli and tomatoes over pasta and add cheese. Stir and serve. 

I love this dish - this is one of our family's good friends - Mrs. Sherstan's recipe. It's light and gives you a good reason to save your broccoli stalks - to me, they're the best part. 

Chris said that for him, this dish was a 3.

I thought that I would share a couple of Valentine's Day stories before I close for the night.

1. When Jocelyn and I lived together in our College years - I made her a brownie valentine cake. It was very decadent, I just wish that I could remember it. It was like a brownie cake, whipped cream, caramel, skor bars - oh god, I want one right now. She gave me a dozen roses in return. Those were the days - she was such an awesome Valentine.
2. Chris and mine's first Valentine was not the greatest. I waited for him to finish Kung Fu - and thought that we would be going out for VD together - it had been quite some time since I had a legit Valentine. So, he came to pick me up with a lovely bouquet of flowers and some Roger's Chocolates, and said that he wanted to stop by his mom's quickly. We both went, we had a visit and then he preceded to make himself 2 roast beef sandwiches!!! 2 sandwiches!!! I had been waiting for him to come and get me b/c I thought that we would be going to dinner. That DID NOT happen. We left, he was full and I was still hungry. We went back to my place and had the VD ice cream cake that I had got him. That's not it. I learned out later that night that he met his ex for lunch and they went to Japanese Village. Can you believe it???? Oh man, there was trouble.

He has made it up over the years. This year we didn't do too much. We just wanted to spend the day together - which we managed to get some good time together. 

I thought that I would post this fun picture of us with matching hoodies. We like to wear matching outfits - not really. 
Anyways friends - I hope you all had a great day - and that your weekend is full of bliss.

Until tomorrow.


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Jenny said...

I remember your valentines cake...I think we might have gone out for vday when I lived in Victoria.
Hey, are you coming to our reunion??