Thursday, February 26, 2009

Listen to your drums - can you hear them?

Tonight I hear the neighbourhood drummer sound, I can feel my heart begin to pound. You say your tired, you just want to close your eyes and follow your dream down. But we made a promise we swore we would always remember. No retreat. No surrender. ~ Bruce Springsteen

Tonight, we committed. We committed to my homework for my clinic - tired and wanting to put it off, we did it anyway. At the end of the run, just like last week, I hear a house at the end of the trail where someone is pounding on their drums. It made me think of this song - the drums always do - and as I sang to it, I thought about what we just did. I made a promise to myself, that tonight would be a run night, we didn't fail, we accomplished what we set out to do. 

I was pretty excited tonight when I was running. I was thinking about my breathing, which I always do, and tonight I wasn't having to concentrate so hard. This may sound strange, but I kind of started to freak out a bit. I didn't have to think about it, and then didn't really know what to think about.  In the end, it worked out well, I finished the 8 intervals - even though the homework was supposed to just be 6.

On my run, when I wasn't thinking about my breathing or lack of, I had a bit of a revelation. I think that when I have set out in the past to do something - the gym, weight loss (this especially), I always have this goal that I want or envision, and when I don't see results, I give up. On my run tonight, I realized that each week I am adding to my accomplishments and I can choose to do what I need to do to succeed, or I can choose not to do it, and then I won't see the success. I have small goals for myself, but they are small - they are realistic and I am not going to pressure myself. 

This is my new mantra for running. Small goals, big success. Setting weekly goals, and learning from week to week, on how success is possible. We can do anything - we just need to be our own cheerleaders - and then have "Chris'" around all of us - to help us succeed.

After our run, we had a toasted cheese sandwich, watched a show - and Chris has just went out for a treat. What is he going to bring back???? It will probably be a piece of fruit, or maybe maybe a soy drink. HA. Whatever. It's going to be a good treat - and it will be worth it, b/c we haven't really treated all week. Bring it home Chris - bring it.

Tomorrow's post will be all about the Giveaway Extravaganza. I was going to post tonight, but I was pretty excited about my new revelation. 

What revelations are you having or have you had? Were they hard for you to recognize or did they come naturally? What are you struggling with - and who can help you succeed?

My pillow is calling my name - and it is going to spoil me with comfort. 

Good sleeps. See you tomorrow.


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