Saturday, February 7, 2009

Who's a bad dog?

MAGNUM!!! That sums it up just about. Bad dog! Although he is so super cute, super cuddly, super fun, he is also going through some sort of not so cute stage where he is finding objects around the house to lift his leg. Hello!?! What is up with that? He has been doing so good, and over the past two days, he has been a little monkey. 
Take yesterday for example, when Chris was sorting dirty laundry on our bedroom floor, and Magnum came over and lifted his leg to relieve himself on the pile. 
Then today, as he was whining to go out, and Chris got up to put him out, he lifted his leg on our big basket in our entrance way. Oh you little guy, that is not good behaviour. It's probably a good thing that I wasn't doing this blog when Magnum was in potty training mode - or should I say, we were in our potty training mode - b/c it consumed my life. He was happy to do his 'bidnid' anywhere he wanted to. I have faith that this is just a stage, and he will return to being a good boy.

Here are some pics of me trying to make him sit tonight. As you can see, I didn't succeed.

I like to call this: I can't see you or hear you
Align Center
I like to call this one: Sorry did you say something?

And this one: NOOOOOOO Jozie, don't do it!!!!

We had a good day today. I was able to sleep in until about 8 which was nice. Poached eggs a la Chris for breakfast, a long dog walk in the sun, a little cleaning, bank appt., grocery shopping, 2 episodes of Californication, and that's about it really. I have been in agony with what I thought was an ear infection - broke down and went to the clinic and they said that it wasn't an infection, but there was some fluid behind the eardrum and to take a decongestant. So hopefully the Advil Sinus & Cold tabs will work on this. Not a good time.

The party last night was so much fun. Chris and I had a great time. I had a few Stella's. STELLLLLAAAA!  I heart them.  There was a great group of people and Heidi threw a great party. Happy Birthday to Michael - today's his bday. I ended up wearing the strapless top with a cute little cardigan that I picked up at Reitman's. Not sure why, but one of the lady's that works in the Reitman's that I visit every once in awhile kind of drives me bonkers. I think that she has an Australian accent and she is so dramatic. When I walk up the till, she's like 'Hello (which kind of sounds like Hellar) and then says 'oh is that all for you - oh I like this - oh this is so great' and goes on and on. I find myself just sort of staring and smiling. I find that I am starting to have little patience for people that are obviously trying to be friendly and nice, but just go overboard. Fine, I know, I'll probably go to hell for this.

No cooking tonight - god. Night 3. We had a late lunch - chicken sandwiches on pumpernickel with tomatoes and cheese. And then, to top it off - DON'T JUDGE ME - I made a quick trip to Dairy Queen for a blizzard for each of us. I just had the craving. The only reason I had the craving was b/c our friend John stopped by to drop something off at our house and said that he was picking up a blizzard for his wife, Tina (get well soon), who is not feeling too well. Damn DQ. Oh well, it was worth it.

Jules is not well either - feel better soon mama. 

I have big plans to cook up a feast tomorrow. I have two recipes that I pulled out of my Cooking Light cookbook. I am going to do a Chicken Broccoli bake and a Pea and Pancetta side dish. They should be tasty - I will report back tomorrow.

So, today my cuz Margo made my day. She called and left a message on my answering machine that made Chris and I laugh. I miss her. She is really more than a cousin - she is also one of my best friends. I have had so many amazing times with her and such awesome memories - we have done dinners on a student budget at the local Pizza Hut, to backpacking through Europe, to a road trip to Saskatchewan with our Grandma, to me having the honour of being one of her BM's at her wedding and so much more. She is a rock - she is kind to all - she is so wise, and a loving mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. One of our future endeavors is to drive across Canada on Harley Davidson's when we retire - so far we are far from retiring and have no experience at all with motorcycles - Jean we have many years to plan for this - and I cannot wait!!!! I do have a little bit of experience on a 'hog' - I once did a 45 min hull (that's bike talk - sniff) on the back fender of a Harley Davidson at 2 in the morning from Terrace to Kitimat. Don't ask. And after reaching our destination, for some reason I thought it was cool to leave the helmet on for a good 1/2 hour. Cool. 

Anyways - I hope you're all enjoying your weekend - unfortunately it won't last.



Jenny said...

I do remember your hog experience...vaguely...I think you told us about it the next day!LOL
Nothing is better than a dq blizzard run. Scott is the king of them...he sends me which drives me nuts. Okay..."there's the fat lady again...sure It's for the hubby!"LOL
Sounds like a great Saturday.
We're getting so much snow. Staying in k-town at my mom's and hoping my driveway in Terrace won't be too snowed in!!YIKES!!

******** said...

Is it still snowing? I hope that you made it home safely. The Blizzard was such a good treat, and I am not going to lie, I was craving one again tonight. Changed my mind and had a cup of decaf chai vanilla tea. So good.
You always make me smile whenever you post something! Thanks!!!