Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can you hear that?

That's Friday telling us that it is near. I picture Friday being a boy - maybe wearing a little pair of short overalls, short boots with socks, something from the 40's, carrying something like a blowhorn, old-fashioned style, yelling contently for us to follow because the weekend freedom is here. 

Hmm. Never really put a Friday into words before.

Anyways, just home from a work dinner. It went really well. We went to Sauce - it was my first time there. It was pretty good - I didn't LOVE my dinner - but it was pretty good. I had pork tenderloin with an apple and peach jam, served with what were supposed to be asiago crusted potatoes and then veggies. The tenderloin was a little 'rough' for my liking - and the potatoes were kind of mashed, I guess more like smashed. I like the tenderloin to be 'tender'. We had a bunch of appy's to share and dessert to end the dinner. Chocolate pecan pie. Pecan Pie. My fav! So deelish. 

So, just home after a long day. Tomorrow should be short and sweet, just the way I likes. We are going out to the pub tomorrow night with a bunch of friends - so that should be a lot of fun. 

I have an action packed weekend - a run on Saturday, followed by some shopping, followed by hemming curtains, followed by hanging with my love. Sunday is a christening in Van for my niece Haraya. I am so excited to meet her.

Ok friends. Get in there, tackle your Friday. Bring it on. BRING - IT - ON!



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