Friday, March 13, 2009


Oh yes, it's here. This week seemed to fly by - right by - like the wind. Wait, does wind really fly? I guess I could say - it flew by - right by - like a seagull or an eagle or a heron. Anyways - you get my drift. I'm not complaining, trust me. 

We had our last mortgage meeting tonight - so it's pretty much all done. That's exciting! We're saving a bundle - it's a good time to be buying or re-mortgaging right now. After we left or meeting, we picked up Jules, and went to the Four Mile Pub for dinner. It's just around the corner (well almost) from her house. Decent dinner - my mom and I both had a spinach linguine with roasted garlic, roasted chicken, feta and mushrooms. The dish had literally about 25 garlic cloves, quick frozen chicken, some mushrooms and no sauce. Hmm? Oh well, the company was the main thing - and that was lovely. The table beside us had 4 men - that used the EFF word every second word. I understand that using the EFF word is inevitable at times - but when you're in that sort of environment - I know we were in a pub - but it's a nice pub - so try and be respectful. Anyways - I just wish that sometimes I had the courage to lean over and say 'hey, simmer down. we're trying to enjoy ourselves and all we can hear is you saying the EFF word'. It's not a hard thing to do. What will they do - tell me to EFF off? I guess they could. Or would they laugh and apologize? I really don't know - but my fear of confrontation - comes out in situations like that. Note to self: work on that.

So exciting news to go with news about Jack. My friend Maegan, somehow (I am not sure how) has NHL'er Kelly Hrudey's phone number - so last Saturday she called him up, told him about Jack and asked if he could put out a shout on Hockey Night in Canada. He couldn't do it last week, but he has promised to do it for tomorrow's. Isn't that so great? So, tune in at the first intermission of the second game tomorrow night. He said that if it wasn't announced that he would do a special DVD up to send him. I can just imagine little Jack's face hearing his name announced by Kelly Hrudey on Hockey Night in Canada. Maegan, you've out done yourself!!! That is just the way Maegan is. It's how she roles.

I have had two donations given to me already for the Silent Auction for Jack. A Robert Bateman print and a gift box with note pads, photo album, pens, gift cards and matching envelopes. I am going to put together something from HiddenDistance - maybe a hoodie and some other fun things - kung fu related. I will have more information after Sunday - so I'll keep you posted.

If you want to check out Mena's update on Jack's journey, check out it out HERE and then click on 'Run for Jack' - Mena is updating it often. It's sad - but at the same time - with the way that Mena writes, you can't help but have the most hope.

I missed my run last night - I played hookie from Run Clinic homework. I am feeling a little guilty - but I will make up for it this weekend and do what I need to do. Have a good strong run, breathe easy, be light on my feet. Oh man, I hope that I make it happen. 

My aunt has been sending me fabulous recipes that I am going to try and test them out this weekend. She has been doing a lot of cooking with tofu lately, which is something that I don't do very often. So, this weekend, I think that I'll give it a try. 

I also have some plans to do a little shopping tomorrow. I need to pick up Shannon's soap, and since it's downtown I am planning on heading to MEC and see if I can pick up an over the shoulder backpack for our trip - then, I have a GAP coupon for 30% off which is awesome, so I'll see what I can find - then, I am thinking of looking for a new pair of jeans. That should keep me busy. Chris and I have also committed to organizing/purging/cleaning/tidying our basement this weekend. Now that I have written this - we can't back out now.

Well friends - that is it for this evening. Finish watching the Canucks game, and then heading to bed. I have been having crazy dreams lately, so hopefully tonight will be uneventful.

Enjoy your weekends wherever you are. I hope that the winter sun finds you and that you get in some sweet fresh air.


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