Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh be joyful, 'cause that (fill in the word) spreads!

I have had this 'bring it on' vibe today. It started yesterday, and I think that it's because it is March and so many new things are on their way. Spring, then summer. Sunny, longer days. The urge to purge - get rid of clutter. Plans for beautifying the outside of your house. Fresh and local fruits and veggies. Just so much to mention. Anyways, yesterday was productive and the feeling of positivity, I can do anything, has passed on to today. And like always, I need to embrace the feeling and keep it with me always - b/c I know some days are harder than others.

I had a great weekend. We ended up going to my mom's on Friday night to watch the Canucks on PPV. I didn't know that my mom had digital - interesting fact. It was a great night - and they won!!!

Saturday, up nice and early and Debs and I were off to Vancouver. We had a great day. We had to ride the old ferry, which I was calling the 'Queen of $h*t'. Oh well, it got us there and back in one piece which was the main thing. 

We first went to Bosa Foods - thanks Babs for suggesting - it is the greatest place. They have everything. Anything Italian. Tonnes of pastas, sauces, meats, cheeses - you name it, they probably have it. Then we headed to the Gourmet Warehouse - another one of my faves. I stocked up on Kosher salt, olive oil and a few other things. Then we headed to South Granville, spent 1/2 hour hunting for a parking spot - found one, had lunch at Barney's and then just visited all the great little shops. And then our last stop was Ikea. Debbie really controlled herself and only bought a few things. I on the other hand, grabbed quite a few things - but was very proud of myself, pretty much only buying what I needed. I picked up bedding for the 'suite', shelves for the built in, a few bathroom accessories for downstairs, a lamp, picture frames and a few other little things. 

It was a great getaway - Debbie and I had a whole day together just the two of us - not sure when the last time that happened. Thanks to my mom, who treated us to the ferry - she should have came with us - I invited her several times - she doesn't remember me inviting her - but as if I wouldn't have, MOM! Next time - if we ever get a day like that again.

Yesterday - was an early start to the day - thanks Magnum. I figured out that even if I wake up early, I just need to lie there still and not move, not make eye contact or do anything that resembles waking up. Once he senses I am awake, the lazy morning is over. That will be something to work on. We went for a long walk - the dogs ran, I walked briskly - I missed my run yesterday so the walk was my exercise. Then home - where I started to tackle the downstairs. The desk is built and installed  - and looks FANTASTIC!!! The computer is almost set up - Chris just needs to move it and hook up the monitor and not our tv. That will be a job for the both of us this weekend. Then I started to build the little pantry cabinets that I have had downstairs for almost 2 months. Whatever. I was so Mike Holmes putting the first cabinet together. How exhilarating building something without making mistakes. Once Chris was home, he helped me finish the 2nd and then the 3rd. They aren't the 'best' cabinets in the world, but they are going to organize us and keep our house CLUTTER-FREE. Now we just need to move out an old cabinet that I have had for over 10 years, hopefully find a good home for it, and organize our computer/whatever room. It will happen - oh man is it going to happen.

I feel like I have so much to say tonight - but I think that I could seriously go on forever. 

Tonight I made some easy pizzas for dinner - and they turned out really well. 2 different kinds -Chicken, spinach, roasted red peppers and goat cheese. And, prosciutto, roasted green pepper and mushrooms  and mozzarella. I used store bought whole wheat pizza shells, used 1 cup  of the crushed tomatoes that I bought on the weekend, added garlic, oregano and put half on each shell. Added all the toppings to both pizzas and then topped with crumbled goat cheese on one, and sliced mozza on the other. Drizzled them both with olive oil, and baked them for about 10-12 mins at 425. They turned out really well, and there is lots leftover for lunch for tomorrow and even some for dinner tomorrow night.

Tomorrow is running day - as of right now, I am calling Tuesdays running day. I am planning on making Tuesdays running day for as long as I can make them. My clinic is going to come to an end, but I need to keep it up. I will probably call it the - Running for my life clinic - and I will run far. 

Ok, dear friends. I have a busy night still to go. Some tidying up - a little down time with my love when he gets home and then off to bed where I plan on sleeping on more than 1/8th of the bed tonight - thanks to Magnum and Chris they have been taking up over 3/4's lately. 

Tomorrow is Running Day - and just think of all of the running that you are going to get done. Whatever your 'running' is, embrace it. 



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