Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Slow'er down

Whoaaaa!!!!! Not sure what happened to the day, but it's over. It seriously felt like I left the house this morning at 7:20 - 10 minutes ago; hence, it kind of feels like I was trying to catch up all day long. ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY. I rushed home to walk the pups today - it was a great walk. The air was breezy - it felt like a storm was a brewin'. Not so much of a storm right now - but the wind is blowing and the rain is falling. After our walk, I rushed to the arena to sign up for the 5 K - only to find out that the office was closed until 6:30pm - so I arrived at 6 and couldn't hang around. Then I rushed across town to buy a birthday gift for Micki. It's her birthday on Sunday and I wanted to pick her up a little something. I love what I got her, but don't want to post just in case she is reading. Then rush home with the pups still in the car - made dinner, did laundry, tried to finish Chris' passport application and here I am. 


The Tragically Hip is coming to town in June. I lucked out and got access to pre-pre-sales and managed to get some good seats. We saw them when they came to town a couple of years ago. They were so great. They played straight through for almost 2 hours and just rocked. It was a great show - despite the very large man beside me who stood for a majority of the concert, smoking multiple doobs, eating some sort of chili dog, spilling his beer and almost falling in my lap multiple times. Poor guy had my foot on his bum more than once - not hard - more of a 'hey, stop moving this way 'cause I don't have room for you on my lap big guy'.  Then there was the woman who passed out beside us on the other side standing up - poor thing was escorted out and missed the show.  Now I just have to wait for Bruce and it will be a great year.

Dinner tonight was whole wheat linguine with a homemade tomato sauce and turkey meatballs.

Traditional spaghetti

I really liked how I made dinner tonight. It was so easy, and it was all done in one pot. I cheated (had them in the freezer and completely forgot about them) and used a bag of turkey meatballs from M&M. I baked them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. I baked them at 400 for about 40 mins. 

I boiled my whole wheat linguine and then drained it when it was good and ready. I lightly rinsed the pasta and let it sit in the strainer. In the same large pot, I added a chopped onion in 2 tbsp of olive oil. I sauteed the onion with the lid on. I chopped up half a red and green pepper in small pieces, sliced mushrooms, 2 garlic cloves and half a bag of spinach. Sauteed everything together, added kosher salt, pepper and oregano. I then added two bottles of pureed tomatoes that I picked up at Bosa Foods. Added a tsp of sugar, then added the meatballs, topped with fresh parmesan - and dinner was served. It turned out really 

I think that I am going to call it a night for now - just head off to bed - stay warm - get ready for a long day tomorrow. I get to see two of my fave girls - Lynn and Micki. A little pampering and a little run. 

Keep sending those recipes. Click HERE for more info. The recipes are starting to come in - so send me yours. Remember, it doesn't need to be gourmet - just something that you love to make

We are almost at the weekend - embrace the rest of the week.



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Jenny said...

I love the T-hip!!! Slightly envious of you!
My parents saw Bruce last year in Vancouver. Did you get to go?
My dad was so excited to see him. So glad he got the chance.
I'm thinking about the recipes...really...honestly...