Sunday, March 15, 2009

Super Sunday - welcome William Alan

Cousin Margo and husband Reido and big sister Maryn welcomed William Alan into the world today. A new baby boy for this fantastic family! I love my cousin Margo and am so excited for her and excited to meet this little bundle. Congratulations!!!

I'm super excited all around today. It's been a very productive Sunday - I feel really good about everything that we've accomplished. Today I woke early by our Mr. Magnum - I thought it was 7:53 when I woke up, but after coming in from our 'outing' - I realized that it was only 7:03 when he woke me, so I went back to bed and slept until 8. Wahooo! Even though every time the wreath on the door banged b/c of the wind storm outside, Magnum barked and woke me, the extra sleep was worth it. 

I headed out to Home Depot to purchase curtains for the downstairs. They have a really great selection if you're on the look out. The blinds that are down their now, are vertical (not my fave - they came with the house) and navy blue - these ones are a light shade of mocha, maybe taupe (what's taupe?) with thin threads with different colours. They aren't glittery or anything - really quite nice. Then to Safeway for some groceries, a break with Chris and then home again. I just started cleaning the basement and it is almost fully completed. It looks great!!!! I will share pics when it's all done - and then hopefully some sort of party to 'christen' the new digs. 

Dinner tonight - quick and easy. Sauteed onion, ground turkey, cream of mushroom soup, leftover rice - topped over a whole wheat bun, and served with broccoli and swiss chard. Kind of a sloppy joe - but no tomato sauce. I know, this is in no way gourmet - but I was a busy girl today and dinner was not my priority. 

I am just home from my meeting for 'Blue Jeans Bash for Jack'. This is going to be a great event, and any one reading this, who is close by, I would LOVE it if you would come. I will have more info shortly - but the gist now is that it is May 23rd, starting at 7, there will be a great bar, lots and lots of Silent Auction items and a dance. I have 50 tickets to sell, which I don't think that I will have any problem doing.  Tickets are $20 and if you are interested, let me know.

What I am hoping, that some of you may be able to help with, or know of people who can help, is items for the Silent Auction. All the proceeds are going to Jack and his family. I read Mena's update today - and she was so excited to learn that Jack may be able to be discharged soon, but he can't leave the Vancouver area. She is stumped - not sure what they will do - and as Mena is, she is automatically thinking about what all the families do in these situations. The thousands each year. It's so sad, and just one thing that you don't want to have to think of at a time like this. I hope that the fundraising that is done, will give her peace of mind for things like this. 

Ok friends - I need to wind down and mentally prepare myself for the week :) - ha, just really need to wind down and hang with Christoff.

Be good this week - treat yourself to something - remember that spring is just around the corner. 



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