Monday, March 16, 2009

What up Monday?

Wow - hard to believe that Monday came so quickly. First day of the week went by fast. I was all geared up to take the pups for a walk when I got home - and as I walked in the door - it started raining sheets. Literally. Huge down pour. I opened the door, Jozie came to investigate and turned around so quickly and went and sat about 5 feet away. It was pretty funny. Our fair weather girl. Magnum - die hard, wondering why we were just watching it - and was in and out several times, loving the wet. I decided to get on dinner quickly - and within minutes of the rain dying down, it started snowing! Snowing - in Victoria - in March. Weird weather I have to say.

I am feeling really good about helping plan for the fundraiser for Jack. I have some great gifts to be contributed so far. Thanks friends! I have to talk tomorrow at run club. Oh god - I hope that I don't get super nervous and talk way too fast and my hands start to shake. I really wish that I didn't get nervous when I spoke publicly. If I'm in a group of people that I am comfortable with - not shy one bit. Put me in a group of people that I don't know, and I am all of a sudden so quiet. Part of me seriously likes to be quiet and just absorb it all and drink all the conversation in. The other part - not really sure. I have often been told that people have asked if I am ''snobby'' - nope - just a little shy.

When I was in college and Uni, I would purposely transfer out of classes if I knew the first day that there was going to be an oral report. I remember oral presentations in elementary school. I remember once doing an (haha - I was just proofing this and I had 'anal oral' - oopsy) oral report on Holland. I was super nervous - thought I did pretty good - my bf Shannon asked me what language they spoke in Holland and I answered with 'Hollandish' - ahahhaa! Obviously not prepared. And that same day, a school friend, Chantelle, did her report on Morocco and she was so nervous. Poor thing, her leg started to shake out of control, and she started hitting it over and over. Oh my - it's funny when I look back on it now. Not sure whatever happened to Chantelle - maybe she's a news anchor woman somewhere.

I am full - I made a great dinner - courtesy of cousin Marsh! I have used Veggie Ground Round before - and didn't love it. But tonight, I seriously could have eaten the entire pan before mixing it in with it to make the Shepard's pie. I would totally recommend this dish - give it a try - don't let the Veggie Ground Round intimidate you if you haven't tried it before.

the best shepards pie ever!!!!
ground round(for meat lovers)
spices and herbs
onion and garlic
1) steam the carrots, califlower and potatoes (i leave the potats out, less fattening)
2) oil, onions, garlic in a pan till clear...add spices and  ground round(for meat lovers) and cook. then add lentils...if not meat lover just put the lentils in with the spices
3)mash the steam veggies
layer..meat and lentils, then corn, than top with the veggies, put in oven with a little bur on top if u want....heat and easy but yet so good. 

I made it slightly different - I used yams for my topper. I didn't have a cauliflower and forgot carrots. I mashed them up  with a little bit of minced garlic. So good. Hey, question - what do you consider a yam? I think that yams are the orange ones and sweet potatoes are the yellowy ones. But when I see them being used on cooking shows on tv, and they are using sweet potatoes which are supposed to be so good for you - they are using the orange ones that I consider yams. What do you think? 

I finally have all the gifts packed up and ready to send off. Sorry they're late - I am the WORST person for mailing things. I'm serious. Note to self - focus on mailing things when I am supposed to. I have Christmas Cards, birthday  cards, my niece's baby things, my niece and nephew's Valentine's gifts. Ok, I am starting to stress - thinking about my mailing issues, I have anxiety. Note to self - don't be anxious when thinking of my mailing challenges. I expect them to be mailed and delivered very soon. I so hope that you enjoy them all. I wish that I could give treats to you all - but trust me - I have some fun things that I am wanting to do - stay tuned. 

Ok, Chris will be home soon. I had a dream last night that I visited him at work and he wanted to break up with me. So I walked off, and was like, uh - what the heck. Don't worry it was only a dream - we're in love. 

Tuesday is just around the corner - it will be a good one - I can feel it. Run day, running for Jack and Mena, is always good for the soul. 



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