Sunday, April 5, 2009

Getting there...

We're almost there - almost ready to pack up the truck, head to Van for the night and jet set off to for our holiday. I am super excited. Chris says that he will be on Tuesday - I think that he is excited now. I think this b/c of things that he is saying, like 'I'm going to be exotic on our trip and try lots of different drinks', and 'I'm going to be wearing 'aqua shirts' in the pool' - which by the way - he will not, or 'I am prepared for any sort of attack by banditos'. It's going to be a great time - lots of laughs I'm sure.

Today - up early, tidied up the house - big walk with my neighbour - we call her 'beside yard Barb' (because we have a back yard Barb too) - a nice long walk in the beautiful weather. Then, I prepped myself and took off to find some damn swimming grubs. It actually wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be. I first went to Old Navy - got some nice thing there - a top, a pair of shorts, a nice dress that I can wear over the suits when going to the beach - not actually wearing it as a suit, and a bathing suit top. The bottoms were a little too revealing. Then I went to Zellers - got two suits there. I'll put them on and take a couple of pics so that you can see them. NOT. Whatever, can you imagine?

We just got home from dinner. We went to the Med Grill and had a great dinner - 4 course meal, only $17.99. It started with an Antipasto skewer - which had an olive, tomato, pearl onion, zucchini and then some different salamis with a small baguette with melted cheese. It was pretty good actually. Then I had a salad with pears and pecans and organic greens. The main course, Chris and I both had ravioli - so good. And for dessert a flour-less chocolate torte. So delicious. It was a nice night.

Ok, off to make lunches - I cooked a couple of chicken breasts, I have some tomatoes and cheese and peppers and am going to make some sandwiches on a small baguette that I picked up yesterday.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend - we'll chat tomorrow.


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Jenny said...

I hope you and Chris have a fantabulous holiday!! Wishing you all the best. Take lots of pics!! Of course we expect some of the fine cuisine!
BTW, I hate swimsuit shopping. It's so true about plus sized bathing suits. I bought the NICEST one 4 years ago and wore it out. I got it from zellers and it was stylish and flattering!(probably why I wore it out!!LOL)
I need to get a new one for this season,but they have gut supports??
Have safe...