Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Dear Earth, I love you. Today I tried to treat our Earth well. I drove to work (not good for earth) - but, I drove the car - which is better on gas. I went to Winner's after work, and forgot my shopping bag (I bought a new cutting board and a square cake pan - went in looking for a hat and didn't find one) - but, I went to Zellers after and didn't get a bag there. I had a cold water shower this morning to preserve energy - no I didn't - I thought it sounded good to say that. In truth, Chris and I do our best to recycle as much as possible, use recyclable products, we never leave lights on, keep the computer off when we're not using it, buy local and other stuff. Today was interesting to me - b/c I was really conscience about what I should have been doing more so than usual - so hopefully I will keep thinking that way. 

Today's blog is dedicated to Tulum. I feel that our amazing earth has incredible things all over it - and if it is protected it can actually be preserved and last for a very very very long time.

Tulum is one of the Mayan's sites that we visited. I'm not going to be pretend that I am a history buff and fill your brains with facts about the site. To be honest, when we were there, it was so hot, that I didn't really concentrate on what the tour guide was saying. Chris did though, so if you have any questions, ask him. The tour was probably very similar to my days in a high school history class - oh dear - if only I paid attention. I did pay attention to an American mother spazzing at her teenaged daughter - who paid for the tour (was on our bus and asked me if I wanted her to move her bag from the only two seats left on the bus - uh ya!) and then just through the gates told the tour guide they were leaving and taking a cab back to the resort. Hm. And the daughter kept asking for a number and the mother was yelling 'I can't find the number' in a strong Jersey accent. Ok - just thought - how come I can remember that so clearly but can't remember anything about Tulum - except how to spell it. Oh well.

I do know that they can trace Tulum back to about A.D 564. Tulum in Mayan means 'wall' - and the site or city - is surrounded by a wall. The site is on the ocean, overlooking the most amazing blue waters. It is unreal to me that these stone buildings are still standing. That the colours that they were once painted - red, blue and yellow - can still be seen (very light). I really loved it all. I wish that I could remember some of the facts - b/c it is really amazing the practices that the Mayan people used then are still in use today. 

I just find it amazing that these stone buildings are still standing. I thought about it today - not only were the materials used - obviously very basic - stone and a cement that they made from grinding rock and heating it and then adding water, but that the land around the site is respected and protected to maintain the buildings. Will my house be standing hundreds of years from now? Will the materials weather the weather? Anyways, just thoughts I had today. If you ever have the opportunity to visit this site - I recommend it. Just be sure to bring your sun screen and wear a hat. 

Here are some pics from the visit. 

Tulum resident

One of my favourite buildings - if you look on the corner - there is a face carved into the stone

Tonight's dinner - feels like forever since I cooked - pork tenderloin, rice, roasted zucchini and peppers and a mushroom sauce made with shitake mushrooms and white wine. 

Pork Tenderloin Sims Style - made with the mushroom sauce. I chopped about 10 shitake mushrooms in thick slices, and thinly sliced a small onion. I sauteed the onion for about 8 minutes. I added the mushrooms with a few white mushrooms that I thinly sliced and cooked for about another 10 minutes. I added 2 tbsp of butter and then threw in probably 1/2 cup of white wine. Just before serving it all up I added 2 tbsp of fresh chives. This was a great accompaniment to the pork. The roasted veggies were done with just olive oil and some kosher and pepper and cooked on a baking sheet in the 400 oven with the pork.

My friends - I am calling it a night. I hope that you all took care of your earth today - and yourselves. I want to thank everyone who emailed me about their 'reality' - you are all the best - you know who you are.


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