Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Keep in touch!

Hi friends, just getting ready - packing it all up - sorting the house - prepping for the pups. Up early this morning - doing bedding and ironing. IRONING! Embarrassing story, but true - mom bought us an ironing board when we bought our house - and until yesterday it had been in the shed, still in it's packaging. I am not much of an ironer. I usually use the kitchen counter with a towel. Chris wanted his shorts ironed, and the good 'soon-to-be-wife' that I am, I wanted to make sure that they were ironed. NOT. I did have a few things that I needed to iron, so of course would do his too.

I really want to know what you did while I was away, what you cooked and anything exciting - so post some comments. 

Chris and I are both really excited - and will be excited to share our stories and pictures when we return. 




Jenny said...

OH Cheryl, I'm so glad there is another like me...I just bought my first ever iron!!LOL

Jenny said...

Have a wonderful fantubalous getaway!!!!