Monday, April 20, 2009

Mexican Fiesta!

Hello my friends. It seems like forever since I have written. I wanted to wait a couple of days after I got back to really take full advantage of (what I am calling) 'cervesa mode'. I didn' t actually really drink lots of cervesa's while away - but I'm guessing you all know what I am talking about.

The trip was fantastic. We really relaxed. Hardcore relaxing. Didn't spend too much time thinking about anything really, except first thing in the morning - which was - we need to get to our loungers and reserve them for the day - and towards the end of the night - which was - what can I throw on for dinner so that I won't sweat to death. It was hot - but trust me, I'm not complaining.

This week's blog is dedicated to - My interpretation of a week long all-inclusive in Mexico.  I decided to put in 'all-inclusive' b/c I want to talk about the amazing people that made us feel so comfortable - they all work so hard - and we really appreciated them.

Our travels getting to our week long paradise, was long - about 14 hours from the time we were up to the time that we stepped into our villa - I love that - all the buildings were called villas. The trip was relatively easy - we were 'tricked' when we stepped through the doors to the 'outside' world and the Cancun airport - we were led to a guy at a booth - we thought he was part of our tour company - and then we realized he was trying to sell us tickets to a bunch of different excursions. We got past that - endured the bus ride to the resort - and got all tucked in to our room. At first, since we we didn't have an ocean view, that the toilet plugged and that there were red ants all over our bathroom floor, I was a feeling a little negative - but by breakfast the next AM after a great night's sleep listening to the ocean, the wind blowing through the palm trees and a king size bed - I knew that we were in a good place. 

Villa steps 
The first day - we found what would be our 'day time activity' for the next 5 days. The activity was a pair of loungers under what we were calling a little 'cabana' - with an amazing view of the aqua blue water, with white sand as the carpet - a bar so close that we could get there in one minute - an amazing environment to read good books and soak it ALL in. 

Upward view from our 'daily activity'

Amazing view - not sure who the lady is - it's not Chris - haha
For those who know me - I love the 'suit'. I don't particularly love how I look in the suit, but I love being in the suit, the ability to jump in the water at any time. The suits I brought with, were great - and the summer dress to throw over top was the best - a definite must have for future trips.

The first night was a feast at the buffet. I didn't love our buffet - but I did love the desserts. Whatever - I was on holidays - and took full advantage of saying 'I'm on holiday' each time I had the sweets. 

I spent a week of not thinking of anything - except stuff like - what should we have for dinner. Should I have another 'Ticket to Fly'? - that was a very lovely drink that I partook in each day at the beach - yum yum. And now, I am back to my life that was here before we took off for the week. I don't want to say 'back to reality' b/c what is 'reality'. I remember a friend said that to me after my dad passed away - 'it's time to get back to reality' and although I know that she wasn't trying to be rude or insensitive in any way - it made me so upset. I thought what is 'reality'. Anyways, I have always avoided saying that. So... we are back - back to work, back to running for my life (oh god I will need help getting through the run tomorrow night), back to making dinner, back to walking the pups... 

I am late tonight - ready to sit down with Chris and watch our taped 'Rescue Me' - great show. Chris and I spent 10 days together - fabulous - and now we are back to our 24 hours again :(

I hope that you are all well - see you tomorrow. 


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