Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Running for my life - part 9.

Part 9 - Mexican style. I lied, I don't even know what that is really. But since I am dedicating this week's blog to my interpretation of an all-inclusive in Mexico, I tried to tie in my running series.

Week 9 - I missed two weeks - I missed 9 minute runs 8 times and a 10 K. I had high - HIGH - hopes of committing to at least 3 runs while I was off - that didn't happen. Chris and I did make it to the gym one day - there was only one treadmill - so we did the bike for 45 mins and then I ran for about 15. For me, it was way too hot to run outside. Chris did one morning - he was pretty hot when he was done and he was warm too. Ahahah. 

Tonight's run - was kind of a wrap up. 10 minutes 4 times. It went surprisingly, really well. I thought that I would die b/c of being off for 2 weeks, but it was the opposite. 40 minutes, a great night out with a bunch of lovely ladies - a great way to end the clinic. Sunday is 'game day'. 10 K. I am actually looking forward to it. My strategy is to stick with the 10 and 1. It is going to be a good morning - a good race. I am sad that my friend Maegan won't be joining us all - her knee is still hooped. I will miss her so. 

Now, let's talk cervesa mode*. Slowly coming out of it. One of the things that Chris and I were both excited about was sipping Corona's with lime on the beach. Pretty much picturing the Corona commercials - enjoy an ice cold one in the sun - while I squirt a lime at him for watching the LADIES on the beach. We were a little surprised that they didn't have any Coronas. It was all Dos Equis  - which was actually pretty good. We both enjoyed them - more than once - know what I'm saying... 

Chris' new hat 
Very close to our 'daily activity' grounds - was our 'local'. Pretty sure Chris was best friends with the bartender* by the end of the trip. It was a close jaunt to pick up some cold ones during a busy day of lounging. 

Such a fun place to visit - Lorenzo is the one closest to us - he always remembered our favs
We enjoyed a lot of different beverages. We weren't hard core party-ers when we were there - that's not really our style. But we did enjoy lots of different drinks and loved every minute of it*. One of my favourites was called the 'Ticket to Fly' - not sure exactly what was in it - four different shots, some strawberries and made into a slushy sort of drink. Two of those and I was 'livin the dream'. We treated ourselves to a couple of Pina Colodas, one or two Caesars, and then a few specialty drinks. One was a lime drink - fresh lime with a little bit of sugar water, tequila and something else. So refreshing. 

Lime specialty drink at the Gran Taruga Brazilian restaurant 
We both aren't tequila fans, but one night Chris gave it a go*. Had 5 shots during dinner - became very entertaining - and brought some good stuff home with him.

That's the face that Chris makes after a tequila shot
We didn't come home alcoholics - but I am pretty sure that anyone could really have a hard time detoxing if they took full advantage of all the bevvies you could have during the week. In the end it was just a treat to indulge and try new things.*

Double-fisting Ticket to Fly
We are planning to have a little Tequila party* - Don Julio style - in the next couple of weeks. I may try one.

Alright friends - just winding down - happy with the run. Happy that our Canucks have kicked butt on their series. GO CANUCKS GO!!!

*Please drink responsibly.



Jenny said...

Sounds like an awesome holiday!!!
I just started my running program. My partner in crime is Scott,and eventhough he is a runner, he is right by my side...gotta love that guy.
I expected to be in such pain as I was last year, but I'm not. We run again Wed(tomorrow) and Friday, Sunday starts the 2nd week.
I'm loving my new shoes. I think that's why my legs aren't killing me this time.

Cheryl said...

That's awesome Jenny! Good for you! It makes a huge difference I think, if you have someone doing it with you. Keep it up!