Sunday, April 26, 2009

Running for my life - Race Day!

Race day - running Sole Sisters' style.

Everything went really well. 10 K came and went. Not that easy, I must add. Early morning start - downtown with all the ladies in our group warming up in the midst of all the runners and onlookers. 

Among 13000+ runners, we waited patiently while they sang 'O Canada', and then as the countdown started - the runners slowly, very slowly, started to walk towards the starting gate. It's all very exciting - loud music playing, people on the sidelines passing on words of encouragement and the anticipation of starting the run as you approach the giant 'START' sign. 

I started out rough - dreading the minutes for the 10 minutes to be over. I went with my run plan that I wanted to - 10 minute run 1 minute walk. I kept this pace until the 5 k mark, when we were starting an uphill run - managed a 5 minute run, then walked for 1 and finished the 10 mins. That happened again at the 7 k - and then again at the 9. The 9 K was the killer. The hardest one of all. I couldn't do the 10 minutes - I made about 3 walked for 1, and then made myself run about the last minute and actually hardcore sprinted for about 40 seconds at the end of the race. Hardcore sprinting = thought I would die. 

It was very rewarding to cross that line running. Running. Just what I said that I was going to do. I feel really excited that I actually committed to this and did it. I will do this, I can do this, I am doing this.

Highlights of the entire race: Starting, seeing my mom on the race and having her call out my name - it was so awesome to see her there, running beside Margot - without her I wouldn't have done it, running through the pain*, seeing friendly faces and lots of 'sisters' running and the best, finishing. Finishing - seeing my time in the lights. I am not sure what my time was - I think that it was 1 hour and 20 minutes. But, it could have been 1 hour 30 minutes - the clock looked a little wonky - here's hoping to the 1 hour 20 minutes.

*Not a highlight - had the sorest boobies when I was running - felt like someone was pulling me by them as I ran. Sorry if TMI but had to share. 

Jules was inspired by all of it today - and I am already signing her up for the clinic next year to walk it - she's going to do it. She may not know it yet, but she will.

After today's run, I had tea with my neighbour, hung with the pups and napped on the couch - probably only 10 minutes - but it felt good. A little walk with Chris and the pups - dinner - and that is pretty much all that I could handle for today. 

I hope that you all had a great weekend. I have other stuff to report from the weekend - but will leave that until tomorrow.

Rest well.


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Jenny said...

Your post made me cry!!! Congratulations Cheryl!! I can't imagine the excitement you felt as you crossed the finish line.
I thought of you today and wondered how it went.
You're such an inspiration. When running tonight, when I thought I was going to die, I remembered you doing your 10k...