Friday, April 24, 2009

Smile like you mean it!

Yesterday - all about The Killers. Not killer bees, or serials, just good old fashioned rockers. They played in Victoria last night and put on an amazing show. AMAZING. I have loved them from the very first time that I heard 'When We Were Young' and 'Mr. Brightside', but last night it turned from love to more than love - not in freaky stalkerish sort of way - just pure bliss and love. Brandon Flowers, well not just him the band was fabulous too, kept us entertained the entire time - he was so charismatic. He was so fun to watch. I didn't realize that he was so lovely - very handsome.  We had great seats - right next to the stage - it was a great girls night out.

I just needed to add a bit tonight - just winding down from a long week. Lots of fun and excitement for the weekend - nothing but good thoughts - prepping myself for a long and healthy run on Sunday. Busy day of errands, dog walks, house cleaning and a wee bit of rest in for tomorrow - and maybe a little shopping.

Weekend is here - soak it all in - you only get one a week.


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