Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why do I have a cell phone?

That is the question that Chris is always asking me. I have a cell phone - use it fairly rarely, have it on vibrate almost all the time, and therefore almost often miss Chris' calls when he attempts to reach me. He really doesn't like it when I don't pick up. He pretty much freaks out. Ok, well not 'freaks' but voices his frustration. I guess I can kind of understand - I remember the night that I was stranded at the gas station b/c I locked the keys in the truck and tried calling him over and over and over again at the studio and the phone ringer was off. Buh! $H*T. That was not a fun night. Ok, so back to Chris. I think that he would like me to have it glued to my hand so that when he does call I pick up right away. Gluing would hurt though. Oh I know, maybe I could get one of those chain things that people use for their glasses to keep around their neck. Or better yet, one of those ear headsets that you keep attached to your ear at all times - I find them really irritating actually - especially when someone is talking on it, and you can't see it b/c  you are on the other side of their head and can't see the 'phone ear' so you think that they are either talking to you or themselves. 

Just in case you were wondering, Chris isn't one of those freakos that phones all the live long day - just when I say I am going to be at a certain time, and then I am late. So really, that doesn't happen often, b/c he teaches most nights. Oh my, the fun phone times.

Home from getting my doo done. I love it - Dulce always does a great job. No more roots, lots of healthy hair. She is so fun to spend 3.5 hours with (ya, it's always a long appt - ok so no wonder Chris called 6 times in 7 minutes - hello stalker boyfriend) - she has a new baby, Alexis, who is so lovely. She made a beautiful Philippine dinner - chicken adobo - she makes it for me every time - so good. I will make it soon and post. Mine never turns out as good as hers.

Now, the weekend is so close. It will be a busy weekend of lots and lots of stuff to do to plan for our trip. I'm taking Jules for a pedi on Sat, cleaning, a little shopping, and more and more. Oh, and I am doing a run tomorrow night. Not sure how far I will go, but I will make it happen.

Have a great weekend all. 


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