Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In a hurry...

Magnum enjoying an ice cream - check out the eye!

Not really sure what happened to the time, but it's frickin' 8:42 and I feel as though I just got home from work. 

I just actually got home from Costco - and spent way more time there, and way more money, than I wanted to. I haven't been there in so long, and took my time to look for some good deals. Cereal (Chris' staple) - so cheap. Jumbo box of Shreddies - $3.99! Seriously?!! I got some good stuff - and I tried to only get what I needed. 

So, dinner was a last minute thing - well part of it. I had some nice italian sausages that I broiled before I went out there and was planning on having them with a bunch of roasted veggies. But, since it's late - I have broken my pact for only meat and veggies this week, and have just made rice. I know - I feel like I am cheating. I just sliced up the sausage, added some tomatoes (well I roasted them) then added spinach, peas and corn all to the same pot - then added some thai sweet chili sauce - and voila, that's dinner. 

I got wind down - give and receive a little TLC and get ready for another day.

Bring us something good Thursday.



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