Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well Tuesday - what a great start to the week. I know that Monday is technically the starter - but I was out of commish yesterday - a little bug - actually had it all weekend. Anyways - feeling better - but our poor internet is not feeling so well. Obviously there is no feelings there - but I have feelings for it. The dang modem is going. I thought those things lasted forever - apparently not. So, that will be on Chris 'Honey Do List' for Friday. We don't actually have a 'Honey Do List' but I sure would like one.

Anyways - so no internetty means no bloggy. I'm at my mom's right now doing a few things - so thought I would post. She made us the most amazing stir fry. Yumma!!!!

This week is Bike To Work Week - aka - Bike To Get My Butt in Gear Week. Surprisingly, the ride was lovely. The hills that daunted me last year were quite seamless this time. Hills - not mountains or anything, and to an avid rider they would probably just call the bumps. Whatever. Anyways, the ride was really great. Besides the sore vageene (yes, I said it - we all know that it is undeniable unless your bike seat is car seat propped on a bike frame - and if it is, that's embarrassing), it was beautiful. My commute is fortunately all along the Galloping Goose - so the only street riding is my actual street. The ride home was windy - I felt like a sailor on a sailing ship, sailing home. No I didn't! But it was windy.

Ok should run! Need to get home in time for the season finale of the Biggest Loser - haven't watched a full episode in months due to my running career (oh god - race coming up) - but won't miss the finale.

One last thing - selling tickets and collecting silent auction items for the Fundraiser for Jack on May 23rd. Hoping to sell as many tickets as possible and get as many items as possible. Here is part of the speal that I have sending out to friends:

Recently, my running clinic instructor, Mena Westhaver (and her husband Norm) received the news that every parent dreads – their son has leukemia. As working parents, hockey coaches, run leaders, and parents to three other boys, this news spread quickly among the local community. Mena and Norm are very busy parents but have always been heavily involved in fundraising for children’s charities such as Rock N Roll for Little Souls and Grizzlies Cub Fund. It is sadly ironic that they now require some help.

The event – Blue Jeans Bash for Jack - is Saturday, May 23rd at Pearkes. It’s going to be lots of fun! The evening will include dancing, silent auction and just all around good times. Tickets are $20.

I am selling tickets and collecting silent auction items – so if you have anything that you would like to donate, know of someone who may want to (good advertising) or if you would like to purchase a ticket (or 10 J) – please let me know.

Thanks guys.


Ok - I hope you are all well. I hope to have the internet back up and running soon.



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