Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday...

Saturday indeed. 

Full day today - busy and staying out of trouble.

The day started very early - sun was shining in through the blinds making it hard to sleep past 7 AM. Off to Callum's baseball game with my mom. Then downtown for a little shopping with my two 'phews, while Jules and Debs had their pedicures. We shopped for flip flops. I got the boys some very cool DC and Sonic flips and picked up a very cute pair of sandals too. Then off to Milestones for lunch - then finally home.

After I shopped for plants - I got some great things for my pots, and Chris walked the dog - we finally met up at about 3:30. Where we proceeded to feud. Gotta love that. All is well now - the house is clean, which makes a free day for planting tomorrow. 

Friday: The appliances arrived! And they are beautiful! I love how they look. I think that they look so good with the cupboards. Chris and I are super excited with them. We definitely need to spruce up the counter tops now. 

We celebrated our friend Tina's birthday last night. 12 of us were at San Remo's for dinner and then off to Tina's after for cake. I brought an Angel food cake, with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. I whipped the cream before we left and added lemon zest - it was really nice. Chris and I got her a beautiful black wooden tray that she can use out on her new deck for dinners. 

My shoes also arrived on Friday. Ok, so they are a little 'glitzy' or maybe 'costume' or even 'grandma show-girl wannabe in Vegas' - but I like them. They are different, but cute. I think that they will look good with a pair of my jeans that I have - I role them just at the cuff - so they are a little rugged (dark and a bit faded). The glitz will fancy them up. 

For tomorrow - it's all about planting. I think that I am going to rise and shine early (like I have a choice) head out on a nice dog walk, then hit the grocery store, my local summer veggie stand where I can pick up my hanging cherry tomato baskets and squash and zucchini plants, then enjoy my little farm the entire day. I am going to see if I can get some nice looking spareribs to make for dinner, and let them cook in the slow cooker all the live long day. 

I hope you're enjoying the weekend. Living it like you've never lived it before. Zoom!!!!


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Jenny said...

Your appliances are beautiful...I do have some appliance envy happening...exactly what we would buy!!
Pretty kitchen you have!!