Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time flies when you're having fun.

Or does it simply just fly by regardless of good times or bad times? That is the question. My week and weekend have been full. FULL. Full cup of whatever is good - I guess a 1/2 sweet passion tea would be my first choice. Then maybe a Pina Colada. Then a Corona with a nice lime. And then iced tea. And even a cold, icy cold, water.

Last night was Jack's Bash. It was a huge success! So much fun. The Silent Auction items did a huge amount of fundraising. I think that my mom was pretty much the big spender of the night. She spoiled us all, as usual. She outbid me (mostly b/c I stopped at $80) on a beautiful basket filled with bath towels, bath mat, and a bunch of fun stuff for the bathroom - all done in mocha and creme colours. She surprised me at the end with that. Thanks Mama. She bid on a replica Stanley Cup for my nephews - this thing is fantastic! It comes with gloves, velvet carrying case, an official certificate - the boys are going to love it. She won a Ride-along with the Saanich Police - apparently that is Chris'. I'm going to dare Chris to pick up a uniform to make him look like an officer before hand. Could you imagine the officers - who is this guy? 

Aunt Marcia - your item was very popular. I think the last time I looked it was up to $40. Tracy your beautiful photos (see them HERE) were also a huge hit. The last time that I had looked at them - and it was probably a 1/2 hour before closing they were up to over $60. Thanks so much ladies for donating. Oh and mom - your print was great too - I know way earlier it was up to $60.

The night was a huge success - Maegan did an amazing job organizing it all. Mena was there - and so was Jack. Such a cute little guy - and such an awesome family. I hope that the fundraising done really benefits their family. 

Today was the 1/2 Marathon - and the relay. After a cluster of a time trying to get the team together - we finally did - and we were team Sole Sisters Sprinters*. I... was not a sprinter. More of a 'Why the hell is that girl going so damn slow?' I am really struggling with my 'performance' today. I am not using it as an excuse - but my shin has been really bothering me - towards the end it was really tight - but c'mon - I was so slow. I am making a pledge to do better next year and to hopefully be able to run the full 5K for 'Run for the Cure'. I have to discipline myself - and realize the difference between 'disciplining' myself and not 'beating' myself up. I struggled the entire 4.2 K; telling myself that I should have just stayed in bed, that I am too slow, that I am letting my team down, that I am a crap runner. I know that I shouldn't do that - but sometimes it's just hard to not listen to the voice - or voices - oh god if there is more than one, I am in TROUBLLLLLE. 

*A very very very special and huge thanks to the 'ENGAGED and off to GREECE' TRACY for helping me get the team organized and running stage 2. She did an awesome job. I love her. Tracy, if you're reading this, and I think that you might - love, not THAT way. :)
*Also - we had a boy 'sister' on the team. One of the ladies dropped out and so our 3rd team member got her bro-in-law to run for us. He was our final runner - thank god, b/c it was the 7 K.

Do you ever find that is so much easier to help others with their obstacles and issues than it is to deal with your own? If you do... Hello - welcome to my town. I know that if I had kept up my regular training it would have been easier - but my regular training has gone down the toilet (one of those 5 flusher toilets) - I need to train with someone b/c I just am not able to do it on my own. Why the heck not though? THAT is what I can't figure out. 

Sorry. Sunday should be a day of peace - not of me bringing down the world. My world that is.

I have been so super busy - that I am yearning for a day, week, weekend with a little calmness. When I say that though, I feel a bit guilty. I should be living life to the fullest - doing what I can for others, taking care of what needs taking care of - and enjoying every minute of it - because I can. I am fortunate. But part of me is just wanting a bit of down time to re-coup and start over. 

Today after the run I started 'summerizing' our outside. All the deck furniture is out of the shed, cleaned off and set up. Our little oasis is coming together. I'm actually out on my lounger right now writing this. My boy Magnum is lying off to my left soaking in the spring evening - he is in all of his glory out here. Ogre is sitting over my shoulder, probably reading what I'm writing - that crazy cat. Chris is inside doing the dishes and listening to some heavy music. Jozie is inside with him - not for the love of the music - but more of the love of hoping that something will make it into her bowl. The sun is starting to set - but is still shining just enough to make it worthwhile being out here. The birds are conversing with one another and in the faint distance I can hear the ice cream truck playing it's happy music hoping for one child to make their way out of their home for an ice cream treat. If this is going to be what summer nights will be like, then I am going to be one happy soul. 

I haven't been cooking.  Seriously, I haven't had any time. I did make a quick dinner tonight - nothing fancy. I bought a pack of whole wheat - broccoli and cheese (not sure what they are called - not really tortellini but close) - sauteed up some chicken, added an onion, spinach, grape tomatoes, chicken stock a bit of butter a little bit of cream, garlic - and that was dinner. It was quite nice.

I am having friends for dinner on Wednesday night to celebrate Stephanie's champagne birthday. Thankfully everyone is bringing something - I just have to make the main course. 

I hope that you all had a good weekend; that you are ready for summer - it will be here before we know it; that you have been kind to yourself - if you are kind to yourself then  you can only be kind to others. 

Monday - be good to us. We have always been good to you.


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