Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wow - weekend is over! Can't believe that it went by so fast - and I had a three day'er. Oh well - the eve of another week - let's hope that it will be a good one. I don't think that it will be action packed - but it will have lots of ups; a few fun deliveries, a run with my Sole Sisters, nail appointment, dog walks, I think a run to Costco and whatever else...

Friday's fishing trip was FANTASTIC!! Chris and I had a great time - the weather was gorgeous, the river was beautiful and we caught fish! The only thing that I may have wanted to change was the waders that I was wearing - ya, tight. They fit - and they were comfortable if I was standing or sitting. As soon as I sat the air would build up in the legs and take about a minute for it to sneak out - so similar to the michelin tire man. Then when I stood, my butt and legs were so hot the 'wades' would stick - I was worried that when I got out of the boat that they would split - they didn't thankfully. Ok, back to the good stuff. Chris and I caught about 5 rainbow trout each - catch and release. I caught the biggest - I was pretty pumped about that. :)  We learned a lot from our guide, Robin, and are excited to get some good fishing in this summer. 

I had my mom and sister and the boys over for dinner on Saturday night. We watched the hockey game - we were saddened by the outcome. Tuesday is going to be a different game and our boys will make it happen. Chris was testing a few adults for their black belts so had to come home to the 3rd period - he wasn't happy. I got my nephews some masks from Mexico - some Nacho Libre style - they had some fun with them.


Today is Shannon's birthday - I hope that she had a great day with her family - and got nice and spoiled.

Today my mom and I hit the Root Cellar market, for a bunch of veggies to last the week. They have the greatest stuff there. It's all fresh, most of it is local. I got some great free range ground chicken - that I made burgers out of. I don't do fancy burgers - just add a few spices, a little ketchup and added a bit of bread crumbs. We don't have the bbq ready for summer yet, so I cooked them up on the skillet. Served them with a greek salad - and that was dinner. I like to just take the burger patty for lunch the next day with the salad - the burger always tastes better the next day.

Tomorrow's night dinner will be something with pork tenderloin - maybe a mushroom sauce and then some roasted tomatoes and zucchini. Trying to have no carbs for dinns this week - we'll see how that goes.

Well, that's that for me. I hope that your weekends were filled with lots of action and that your week is filled with what you want.



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Jenny said...

I'm watching the carbs too.
Whereabouts did you guys go fishing? that's awesome. I love fishing.
I am dying tonight. on week 3. walk 2.5/run 2.5 X9.
I still bow down to you. You're my running hero. I can't believe you do hills. I'm doing all flats and it's killing me.
Can't wait to read your recipe for tomorrow night!!
Ciao bella!