Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Just home from Costco - had a great time with Beth. I meant to take her pic - and add it tonight - stay tuned. I sometimes like to call 'Costco' - 'Costcos' - pluralizing words that are not meant to be. Chris' mom used to always say 'Safeways' - as in 'Hey Chris - you work at Safeways' - which 1. we knew he did and 2. it shouldn't have a 's'. 

We bought a bunch of good stuff. Prepping to go in the oven for Chris' dinner and lunch tomorrow - are Dr. Oetker - Spinach pizzas. If you haven't tried these - they are a MUST. Seriously - so good. Thin crust, spinach - so good and an easy dinner.

We had a short little visit from Brooklyn - Myles and Jessica's little one. She is so cute. They are coming for dinns on the weekend - and I already plan to have everything prepared so that I can just have a bunch of cuddles with her.

Miss Brooklyn and Chris (3 weeks ago)

That's it for tonight folks. The potato salad was a HUGE hit with Chris last night - he loved it. It will be a definite 'redo'. The muffins were also delicious - and another easy recipe that I will keep on hand. I think that I might even spend a day baking some more healthy muffins to keep in the freezer and on hand for a quick breakfast.

I hope you all enjoyed Hump Day. Oh ya - we know that the weekend is just around the corner!!! Be ready for us - we are ready for you.



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