Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy June 2nd!

Happy Tuesday. Thank goodness for the sun, summer, pups, loungers, wireless, flip flops, leftovers, flowers, tomatoes, good friends, family, birthday cake, chocolate, a cuddly cat, the sound of the ice cream truck, Starbucks Passion Tea, happiness, health, and oh so much more.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom's birthday was really nice. I am sorry that I didn't wish you a Happy Birthday on this yesterday (mom) but by the time the festivities were over, and the clean up was almost done - it was time for a little R&R.

My mom is such a good mom and I always love to try and spoil her. She is loving, supportive, fun, a great cook, fun to hang out with, generous, a loving grandma, a great mother-in-law and I am so blessed to have such a good relationship with her. 

We had a good night. She brought all of the appetizers. I told her not to bring a thing, but of course she can never come empty handed. We feasted on ribs, gnocchi with tomatoes and spinach and my new favourite salad. For dessert Debbie brought over two different fruit flans - one with chocolate and one with vanilla. So good.

The night ended with a call from my little nephew Andrew, a call from my brother and Callum stepping in 'hoohow' (Mitchell name for dog poop - not sure where the name came from). As I watched him try to wipe his barefoot off on the grass as I looked out my kitchen window, I could see myself in him. Poor kid. There will be many more steps in hoohow my friend. 

It reminded me of a time when I was about 5 and we lived in a little bungalow on Plover St (Kitimat). My grandparents (dad's folks) were up visiting - my mom was at work that day, my sister and brother at school, my grandparents were in the house which is where I was supposed to be and my dad was out in the yard working on something. I wanted to help him out so bad, so came out, wearing pants that were a little too long for me - and proceeded to step in hoohow. I had it all over my shoes and the bottom of my pants. I can remember my dad saying 'Jesus Christ - mom, come and get Cheryl she's stepped in hoohow'. My poor grandma would have had to have cleaned it up. I can still picture that so clearly - isn't it so funny the things that we remember sometimes?

I am out on the lounger. I am calling it 'my' lounger, b/c Magnum has taken quite a liking to the other. He is for sure a summer dog. He is in all his glory when we are out here. He LOVES the watering can and the hose. He quite often follows me around and tries to drink the water from the plants that I have just watered. Last Wednesday, Backyard Barb had to call Chris out b/c she had been watching Magnum run threw her sprinkler for 2 minutes. That little pup is not afraid of anything. His sister, not so much.

Tomorrow night I have an outing with Lynn planned. A friend of hers owns a bag and accessories shop and she is having a fundraiser/sale/silent auction. I am so hoping to score some sweet stuff. 

The night is winding down.  It was an amazing day.  Nice and warm, but not quite at that uncomfortable stage yet. I am not sure what it is, but I am really excited for this summer. I can't put my finger on why. I do like summer, but it's not my favourite season - but something must be a changin' b/c I just can't wait for the hot summer days, the warm evenings, grilling, parties with friends and so on and so on.

Hope you're planning your summer already.



Beth said...

Happy birthday Jules, you hot momma!!!! Yowwww!

Jenny said...

Wish your mom a happy Birthday from me!!
Your youngest nephew looks just like you!
Sounds like happy times.
Nothing worse than stepping in "dawg shittt"...(I'm imagining my dad saying that!LOL...he always had a way of making the word shit go on for quite awhile!!LOL)
Are you coming to k-town for the reunion?

Mom said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday party, and the delicious dinner, everything was great. You have a wonderful talent for making things so special. The picture of the boys was great, the picture of me, no comment. Love you