Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hello Sunday fans. Not sure really what happened - but the day went by far too fast. I feel like I just woke up an hour ago. 

The day was right on track - dog walk, shopping with mom at the Root Cellar, home to start doing a little cleaning and then out to check on the pups to see how they were - and they were in 'Behind Yard' Barb's yard - so I called them home - they came, relunctantly, and I noticed that Jozie had what looked like blood on her. *If you don't like reading gross stuff, stop reading now*. The blood wasn't from her, so I thought I'd better check out the yard. Oh crap! A giant, disgusting RAT. RAT!!! Obviously their brother Ogre, had been out hunting at some point and captured his prey in the backyard. So flipping gross. So my afternoon changed from tidying and prepping for dinner to bathing 2 dogs. Not my favourite way to spend a Sunday.

We had Bruce for dinner. It was nice to have a visit - it's been quite some time. 

On the menu:

Calamari (thanks to M&M) and delicious Tziaki from the Root Cellar
Guacamole and organic tortilla chips

Breaded boneless chicken breasts
Pear, Pecan and goat cheese salad

Mini apple blossom pies (thanks to M&M)

I had plans to make a cheesecake with rhubarb strawberry sauce on top - but the bathing situation caused a change of plans.

The night is ending. I am tyiping this up and watching members of the real tv show 'Whale Wars' on Larry King. I'm not sure if you've seen this show - I would recommend it if you haven't - there is a group of people that go after boats that hunt whales. These people are crusaders for the whales - try and defend the innocent whales - and will do so much to protect them. I have a really hard time trying to digest that this sort of stuff happens. I have to admit that I can't really watch anything like this on tv - anything to do with cruelty to animals - I have to change the channel. I am not changing the channel b/c I am turning a blind eye - I have to change b/c I can't handle seeing animals who are defenseless, be tortured or neglected - it's especially hard to see dogs in these situations, it breaks my heart.

I envy these people that spend their lives making better lives for those who can't do it for themselves. I struggle that I am not doing more of something like this in my day to day life. I know that little things help - and I know that I can do more. I have to stop thinking about what I would like to do, what would help - and do it. Just do it.


Monday is right around the corner. Right here. Be good to us Monday.


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