Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hot Weather 101

Hot Weather 101 - Keep Cool.


Feeling a little baked right now. It was a hot one today. I am NOT complaining - but you know it's hot when your butt cheeks feel burnt from sitting on the deck at lunch; when your dog only wants to roll in the snow behind the ice arena instead of going on a walk; when the temp in the truck says 33. Oh well, I guess those are all fun signs of summer.

I am out in the usual position. Both dogs have joined me tonight. Magnum is on his own lounger and Jozie has joined me. We had a great surprise visit from my sister - something that rarely happens - she is without the boys. She watched us eat dinner and then we all splurged on peanut butter/chocolate ice cream. 

For dinner tonight we sauteed up a bunch of mushrooms that needed to be cooked, an orange pepper and some green onions. I added eggs, stirred it all up, added a 1/4 cup of finely grated cheese, and that was our dinner. I wasn't too interested in cooking tonight - but it was an easy and healthy dinner and probably took 10 minutes. Chris is up washing the dishes right now, and I know that he's not thrilled that I'm not helping. I needed some down time. C'mon. 

We hooked up the sprinkler for our little water dog tonight. At first he was not too interested in it, but after a little bit, he made his way over and had lots of big drinks.

I am so happy that tomorrow is Friday. TFIF!! I think that we're going to go to Micki's - Lucy's in the Square for dinner - treat ourselves to something fancy.

That's it for me tonight - I need to do a little vegging out.



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