Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hump day = the weekend is close. 

Just home from a great night with Lynn - out at a fundraiser for Juvenile Diabetes at a little boutique called Citrine Boutique - it's a great little accessory place  - lots of hand bags, jewelery, cards, gift wrap. I bought a few little things - quite happy with my purchases. They had some great raffle items, so I hope  that I win something.

I am out in my 2nd living room - the deck. Actually I am at the table not on the lounger - so would that be considered the dining room? Anyways, I have a quesadilla baking in the oven - late supper tonight. I am going to serve it up a little salsa and some sour cream. Nothing fancy - but it will hit the spot.

I haven't really cooked this week - actually it doesn't seem like I have in a couple of weeks. You would think that with the new oven that I would want to be cooking - but to be honest, I am so damn freaked that I am going to dirty it up. Hello Anal, welcome to my world. Anyways, I am positive that I will get over it. We have our dear friend Bruce coming for dinner on Sunday night. He is always such a great host and cook when we go to his place for dinner, so I have to come up with some delicious to make. Something that I haven't cooked before. So, hmm. Any suggestions? We still don't have a bbq, so until then we are 'grill-free'. Dang.

I thought I'd share a pic of my tomato plants - Chris hung the other one for me today (thanks Lova). I love looking at them from our kitchen window. They will provide my family with fruit for the entire summer and into the winter months. I am talking as if I am a Pioneer Woman. Get it? Woooo.  Here is also a pic of my rattan rocker that I purchased last summer - and absolutely love it. It is super comfortable - and I would like to get all new patio furniture to match it. Right now, we have a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and even some 'what the eff is that?'.

Alrighty then. Oh, did I tell you that Chris and HiddenDistance Kung Fu are performing in the window/demonstration area at Lulu Lemon on Saturday at 1? Come by - very excited to see it all. Some free advertising - I am going to try and swindle some goods out of it. They are doing a whole month on MMA - mixed martial arts - so they called Kung Fu Chris. Should be a lot of fun. And then afterwards - I am going to make him take me to my new favourite Jewelry Store so that I can show him some bling that I like. 

Thanks to everyone who leaves comments - it makes my day. Love to know that I actually have people reading this. Sorry if tonight's is BORING! My mom was having issues posting on yesterday's, so I did it for her. Oh god, Magnum has gas.

Ok - Thursday is upon us, and then the weekend that is full of endless possibilities. Find a few.



Jenny said...

You have your very own "Magnum the farting dog"...LOL

I love your rattan rocker. We have a rattan patio set,but it only seats 4???WTH were we thinking. I want to upgrade and then use this elsewhere. My garden is a sad state of affairs. Scott will be off on Monday for 2.5 weeks so we can maybe get things going.

Cheryl said...

I love Walter the Farting Dog. I have bought the books for my nephews. The first time I read one to them, we were in a bookstore, and we were dying laughing. So good.