Sunday, June 28, 2009

Love simple.

I love a lot of things. Things such as - chocolate, sunny days, snowy days, long dog walks, great movies, a Bruce Springsteen song, time, time with friends and family, vacation, a clean house, a nicely mowed lawn, fresh tomatoes, blueberries, pedicures, and so on and so on (I love people too, but they aren't included in this list). Anyways, I am just out on the deck, and I am sitting here, and thinking - I love our deck. Love it. I love that it is very comfortable to lounge around on, that I am surrounded by flowers, that it is our dining room all summer long, that Jozie and Magnum love their lounger and that it is purely peaceful (except for the new 'kitty corner' neighbours who are dying of 'coughidis' (haha) - not pleasant. I love Sunday evenings. Pretty much for the last month, we have done dinner with family and friends, when they all go home, we tidy up, and I get to sit out here for as long as I can, usually typing up the blog, and enjoying the evening. I love having all the cushions out, the table linens, and I try to avoid the end of the night when it all has to be packed up (I know anal, but I don't like it to get wet during the night).

Not sure if you can tell, but the green on the blankets on the loungers (they kind of look like towels, but they're not) match the green lanterns that I've got recently - at Zellers. Love Zells. 

Great weekend. The stag last night, was a lot of fun. I was so happy that it was at a house and not at a club. I can't even remember the last time I was out 'out'. Not sure that I would know what to do. God knows that I can't do what I used to do when I used to go out. Far too old for that. 

Jules aka Mom, and I went for our Sunday morning ritual today. I love it. She comes to my house and then we go to Safeway pick up what we need, grab a Starbucks and then to the Root Cellar where we stock up on fresh veggies. We have a good time and get lots of great stuff. Jules picked up our dinner tonight - THANKS MOM!!!!!, and Chris bbq'd the steaks. She brought a delicious potato salad and we had Caesar salad too. It was a grand dinner.

Mom's potato salad (please send recipe mom)

I made mini pizzas for an appetizer. Speaking of pizzas = Jocelyn has sent me a fabulous grilled pizza recipe that I will be sharing with you shortly. 

I did 5 different kinds. These really are so super easy and really flavourful. I would recommend them for any party. They can very easily be done in the oven too. And you can add whatever you want for the toppings.
I'm not sure if I have talked about my love for Naan bread before - if I haven't I should have. I use it for so many things, and pizza is one of them. I usually buy it at Safeway - and it's light, and always tastes super fresh.

Fig and Goat Cheese Pizza with Pesto

I used the Pesto that I got from Epicure - which just mixes the dry mix with oil and parmesan - but you can use anything. I didn't make mine from scratch b/c I just don't have enough basil - I am in the 'hoarding' phase of basil right now. I don't want to use it all up.
Anyways, just cover the naan bread with the pesto, add thinly sliced figs, some fresh basil leaves and crumble goat cheese. 

Tomato and Basil with Pesto and Tomato puree

I used the pesto on another one as well and then one with tomato puree. I wanted to add the bocconcini cheese, but it was out dated. Damn. I sliced very thin red tomatoes on one and then yellow tomatoes on the other, and then added goat cheese to the red tomato pizza and brie to the yellow one, and then fresh basil leaves.

The other two were just with tomato sauce and caesar salad dressing and just mozzarella cheese. Very simple, and the ones my nephews loved the best.

Chris rated all of the pizzas a 5!!

I was so excited to find the fresh figs today. I love them. They are such a treat. 

For dessert - easiest dessert ever and incredibly tasty.

Fudge brownie with chocolate sauce.

I used a store bought brownie mix and baked it accordingly to the recipe on the box. Let it cool. Then I melted chocolate wafers (dark chocolate) in a double boiler so that it made a silky smooth sauce. To serve it all up, in a bowl I laid the brownie, with a scoop of ice cream and then drizzled chocolate sauce on top. The chocolate sauce hardens, and it is a wonderful contrast between the gooey brownie and the softened ice cream. Yumma. 

So that about wraps it up for me. It was a lovely weekend filled with lots of lovely things. I hope that you all had a good one. 


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