Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And that's what happens...

No time. I came outside - all of my chores are done - I had high hopes of writing a masterpiece but got sidetracked by 'beside yard' Barb and her barking dogs. So... needless to say, I am out of time.

Stay tuned for tomorrow - where you will meet the lovely and talented Beth and a dish that she likes to make.

Don't forget the Give Away - it's a good one.

Dinner tonight - roasted chicken breasts with a nice fresh organic mixed greens salad, with a little red pepper, tomato and feta cheese. The dressing - a couple of drops of olive oil and some Verde Vinaigrette.

OH - the rice pudding turned out so good. So good!! Chris rated it and last night's dinner a 5!!

Have good sleeps - rest well - tomorrow is Hump Day.



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