Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Practicing Patience.

Dear Patience, Please don’t forget to visit – all the live long day.

I think that if there was an exam that I needed to take right now on PATIENCE, that I might fail. Seriously. I think that I really need to work on practicing my patience. For some things, I have all the patience in the world (please DO NOT ask me to name them), but for other things, I just find I get frustrated and forget to take a step back and breathe it all in. 

Jozie - practicing patience June 2009

For example: My dogs keep sneaking under the fence to visit Behind Yard Barb. She says that she honestly doesn't mind them coming to visit, and that she loves them. The latter I know is true; however, when they are rummaging through her vegetable garden I know that she is not happy to have them for a visit. Then I go to the fence and call them back (I like to pretend I am out on my farm and I am calling the cattle home - but in my 'fantasy' the cows listen) - so after a few 'Jozie' and 'Magnum' (s) in a nice calm tone - it changes to JOzie right now - emphasizing on the 'JO'. For whatever reason Magnum usually comes back - and he's only one. 

Magnum - practicing patience June 2009. Also with a Mohawk. 

I know - dog talk is probably boring - but - the-not-coming-when-called - drives me a bit bonkers. The moral of the story is that we (me and the dogs) have a bit of work to do. 

Ok enough of that. 

Figs - I told you that I put them on pizza the other night - delicious. A couple of years ago I bought some for the first time and sauteed them in a little bit of butter and when they were nice and warm, I drizzled a bit of honey over them and served them over vanilla ice cream. I think that I might try this again.

I have just finished dinner - and I am very proud to report that I started the bbq on my own. For some reason, over the years, I have been extremely paranoid about starting it. Tonight, I made sure everything was done in order, and everything went smoothly.  Phew.  

Dinner was nothing fancy. I just rubbed some spices on chicken breasts and then grilled them while squeezing fresh orange juice on them as they cooked. I also took a bunch of cherry tomatoes and put them in an aluminum pie plate and put them on the grill - shaking regularly. And then some beautiful yellow summer squash. Cut in half lengthwise, drizzled with a very small amount of olive oil and placed on the grill. Deelish.  With the tomatoes, I added them to a bowl full of cut up yellow and green peppers, olive oil and fresh squeezed orange juice, whole basil leaves and a bit of feta. The basil adds such a refreshing flavour - give it a try.

We are on the eve of not only Canada Day, but also my good friend Jocelyn's birthday. I am worried that I may miss posting tomorrow b/c we have a Canada Day bbq to go to - so Jocelyn - HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance!!!! I hope that you have an amazing day. And please note that I have not forgotten that Jocelyn is our next Guest Chef - I just have to post - tomorrow would be a good time for this.

I have to work tomorrow - but it should be a fun day. I get to work with one of my fave people - so that will make the day that much more enjoyable. Also, there is a 'drag baseball' game across the street that may be worthwhile watching.

Until tomorrow friends - enjoy your night - enjoy Canada Day - enjoy yourself and loved ones - and practice patience. Not patients - unless you're a nurse (hi Marsh) or a doctor. 



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Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Jocelyn!!
Hope you have a fantastic Canada Day celebration!!