Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dear Mom, come home soon.

Summer is just around the bend. Can you feel it? Bring it. BRING IT. 

View from the beach. Picture taken by Connor (13) Incredible, huh?

My mom has headed over to Point Roberts this afternoon for the weekend - prepping for her summer, I think. I know that she loves it there - it is her home away from home. I just get a little selfish and miss her too much and don't like her being gone for so long. I am hoping to get over for a few weekends this summer - and hopefully will see Jocelyn and Brenna for a good visit. They used to frequent the Point with us in the summer many years ago and we always had an amazing time. 

Thanks for the emails about what you are grateful for. I love hearing about them all. It's just so important to 'count our blessings'. 

I went and met Micki today after work at Lucy's in the Square. We had a great visit. She is such a wonderful person. I feel so fortunate to be around these truly amazing women who I feel make me a better person - who I inspire to be like. See!!!! - blessed!!  She had made iced tea - that was sooo good. She steeped black tea out in the sun during the day, added a little sugar - and oh my, so refreshing. I am going to make it this weekend. My grandma used to always make it at the Point in the summer when we were young - but I never liked it - it was always too strong and bitter. So I think that I will try it with the black tea. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Tonight's dinner - roasted chicken breast and a green leaf salad with a yellow pepper, tomatoes, goat cheese and my new favourite dressing. 

Dressing Sims Style

Juice of half a large orange (are they called Naval oranges?)
1/4 cup olive oil 
Verde vinaigrette - or just some good old fashioned kosh and pepp

Whisk it all together - and that's it! I think that adding some orange zest would have been a great flavour booster too.

I will post the cheesecake recipe tomorrow - it's a very good one. I just brought a piece over to 'Beside yard' Barb - she  had to lend me some sugar last night when I was baking. Oops.

Ok friends. Our Friday is here - alas. I just can't wait - I am going to treat Chris and I this weekend - and ensure that we get some 'C&C' time (I just made that up - fun) and enjoy what comes our way. 



PS - don't forget to get me your recipes for the Give away!!!


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not to worry, I have a call in to the people at