Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hi friends. Life has been super busy - but more than that - it's been super, super HOT. Whoa. Heatwave. I am not complaining - I love this summer weather - but whoa - come night fall - someone has got to stop 'throwing water on the rocks'. 

We have our kids Kung Fu party this Saturday. For some reason I thought that there would be like 15 people there - I counted wrong - there are 24 coming! 13 kids and 11 adults. Should make for a very busy day. I have the menu all planned and the goody bags are all packed. Goody bags are pretty much my favourite part of the party. Love them. I found some really fun things at Michael's and some cute things - little rings at Pier 1. 

I will have more details - coming up. I am really excited about the menu. I will be sure to take some fun pics.

I hope you are all well. 



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