Friday, July 24, 2009

My Love.

Today marks 10 years that Chris and I have been together. 10 years! It seems to have gone by so fast. After all this time, he still makes me laugh so much. He makes me crazy. He appreciates me. He is the one that I want to spend my evenings curled up on the couch with. He is the one that I want to walk the pups with. He is the one that I want to take long holidays with. He is the one that makes sure that we are always financially sound. He is the one that shares my love of chocolate. He loves my family. He loves my friends. He loves that I feed him. He is the one that I will share many more 10 years with. I love him so.

I wanted to share some pics - I only have one that I took a picture of (from years ago) and the rest of my pics are still on our old pc. I have to do something with those. Just noticing that all of our pictures are ones that we have taken of us. I really need to pass off the camera to others to take pics of us. 

We had been together 2 years here. 

We have had such a brilliant year this year - and am so excited to see what happens in the coming years. Loves. LOVES.



Beth said...

YOU GUYS ARE THE CUTEST and I am glad you have each other to love, take care of and laugh with.

I love how Chris looks too cool for school in the first one, and like a total dork in the last one. Guess where he looks happier??

Love you guys. *smooch*

rashmi said...

To see u happy makes my heart happy...u r a beautiful person n have found an equally beautiful life partner...thanx for sharing your memories. Luvs u like crazy. R.