Sunday, July 5, 2009


First cherry tomato harvest - the taste - priceless

It's that time again - when the weekend is over. Weekend: the freedom to go whenever you want, to sleep when you want, to be as lazy as you want or as active as you want, to spend time with family and friends, to have no limits, no boundaries, to stay up late, to sleep in late... The list can go on and on. 

My weekend was pretty much like that - although I didn't sleep late (thanks dogs next door). All around it was really good - I got stuff done that I needed to and took advantage of some good R&R. I am doing some R&R right now - and Chris has joined me - rare sighting of Chris out on the lounger in the evening. I think that he forgets how relaxing it really is out here. He is definitely a creature of habit - and taking him out of his 'zone' is a challenge at times. He's a tired guy these days. Very tired. Too much work and not enough down time. Not sure how that will change, but hopefully a weekend away will help do the trick.

We broke out the chess set yesterday that we bought in Mexico. I don't know how to play - so Chris patiently is teaching me the game. It's a beautiful set - a set to replace the set his dad bought him when he was 16 - that has unfortunately had more than one piece break. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Emma and Ayumi today - July is a good birthday month.

I ventured downtown this morning - to pick up a bday prezzie for Connor - he's 15 tomorrow!!! Wow, it's hard to believe. Did a little unplanned shopping for myself - a few tops at the Gap, a new bag from this great store - everything is all natural and a lot of the products are recycled, a bottle of my rosemary mint soap and a passion tea from SB's. I knew that it was the Pride Parade, but I didn't know if I would miss it. I didn't. I debated waiting around for 9 minutes before it started - and I am so happy that I did. I am sad that I didn't have my camera, as there were some great photo ops.

This was my first pride parade that I have been too - and it was good. In fact, I am pretty sure that it is the first parade that I have been to in many, many years. So many great characters. I don't know why, but I was so emotional during it. I can't figure out why? I think that I have some ideas, maybe all of these thoughts were running through my head as I stood and watched. Was it because we are so fortunate to live in a place that accepts people for who they are - and encourages them to be who they are? Was it because I think of how some of those people dancing in the parade have probably had a really hard life - trying to have those around them accept them for who they are and that they may be more comfortable with themselves in a large group of strangers than with their loved ones? Was it because I sometimes am envious that people are not afraid to be who they are - completely expose themselves - both emotionally and physically - bare it all - with no reservations? To be honest, I am not really sure what came over me - I am happy that I had on sunglasses on so the people handing out condoms to me, or pride stickers, didn't see my tears. How embarrassing would that have been. All in all, I am really happy that I experienced it.

Burgers were on the menu tonight - nice and easy. I usually make two different kinds - beef and either ground chicken or turkey - tonight it was chicken.  I don't really have a recipe, they seem to be different every time - but tonight's turned out really good. 

Chicken Burger Sims Patio Style

1 lb ground chicken
Juice of one lime
Kosher Salt and Pepper
1 tbsp ground oregano

Mix everything together and mix the meet really well with your hands. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty - the more you mix the more juicy the burger will be. Form the patties into balls and continue to massage the meat (Beth - don't say a word - it's 'cook' talk). Then shape them into a burger patty - and with your thumb, push in the center if the patty (not completely through though). Putting a small indent in the center of the patty prevents the patty from shrinking in as it cooks - a trick Behind Yard Barb taught us.  Put them on a hot grill and cook them for about 6 minutes each side. When they are cooked - add a slice of cheese - and they are good to go. We have our burgers with lettuce and tomato usually - and whole wheat buns.

Speaking of cheese. I have a confession. Today I bought cheese slices. At the Canada Day party we went to this past week, they put cheese slices on their burgers and it's all that I have been thinking of all week. Well not completely - but they have been on my mind. Anyways - I never buy cheese slices. I think that in the time that I have lived on my own, I have bought them maybe twice. We grew up always having cheese slices - but I think that when I moved on my own, I realized that they were more of a luxury (b/c of the price) - so I just have always bought cheddar and other cheeses. Anyways, I loved the cheese on the burger. LOVED it. It was a super yummy treat. 

I am feeling well rested - enough to start another week. I am so excited for Connor's birthday tomorrow - so proud of the young man that he has become. 

That is it for me - enjoy the week. It's summer!!!



Jenny said...

Those tomatoes look delish!!
I missed you at the reunion...:(...hopefully you'll come to the next one.(I say that so reunion...we'll just get Jocelyn, Gail and Laura to conjure us up another reunion!!LOL)
Is that a twizzler hanging out of Chris' mouth?? I know have a twizzler craving!!
That burger looked superb...yumminess.
When do you go on holidays?

Jenny said...

should read "now have"