Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer love.

Dear Summerland, I love you.

I am in love. Yes, in love with Chris - but this is a new love. My new love - is Summerland. This place is incredible. My brother and his wife's place, is amazing. They have their own little paradise in the middle of what might be one of the funnest town names. 

Home from a lovely weekend. The entire weekend was delightful. 

Highlights: Family, seeing everyone, little ones - having 7 little ones all about makes things even better, cherries - so many cherries, dogs running free, incredible food, the beach, the boat, tubing, incredible hosts, fresh blueberries, cold bevvies, relaxation... There is so much more to mention.

It really was a great weekend. Hugh and Sharon's place is so lovely - surrounded by so many different fruit trees, a cherry orchard in their front yard and so much peace and tranquility. 

We all prepared meals together - and there were some lovely dishes. This was our second reunion and I am so excited to plan the next one, although we all decided that Summerland may need to be an annual get together. 

We all rented a boat for the day on Saturday - I tubed - so MUCH FUN! Chris tried waterskiing for the first time. He did awesome! Got up the first try and lasted for about 20 seconds. We went around to pick him up - and he let us know that he popped his groin. OUCH. Poor guy. That wasn't so much fun for him. He's on to a quick recovery - let's hope.

Here are some pics of the weekend. If you haven't made a trip to the Okanagan before - you should do a road trip. I am already planning my next vacation.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. We are already one day down before the weekend - so enjoy it - the weekend will even be better. 

I am on the hunt for what I can do with all of my cherries. If you have any ideas, please write. 

Until tomorrow...


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Jenny said...

I'm in the same cherry boat...LOL. We have 2 huge trees loaded. I've had a couple of friends come over and pick some. So far I've made cherry crisp(just like apple crisp,but you use a cherry pie filling on the bottom).
I'm going to try making cherry juice tomorrow. Supposed to be a great antioxidant. I'll let you know how that goes.
This week I am making: cherry scones, muffins, cherry pie and tarts....I'm in cherry heaven!!