Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cuteness alert.

I had the pleasure today, of finally meeting the 4 week old Bray Vizsla puppies. All puppies are cute - but meeting these guys when they are so young and all they want to do is sleep and cuddle - oh my. 

Heidi has named them all by the colours of the ribbon that they have around their necks. Yellow and Purple are the girls, and Blue, Green, Red and Black are the boys. I was fortunate to cuddle with Mr. Black the entire time. I picked him up and he cuddled into my boosum (not sure of the spelling, but I have always wanted to use that word in a sentence) - and he just happily stayed there. I am trying to remember how hard it was to puppy train Magnum* - and how much energy puppies have - so that I don't try and tempt myself into trying to talk Chris into another puppy. Heidi also brought her new puppy that is 11 weeks, Nila, and oh she is a doll too. H&M and have their hands full - and they are needing their Momma of the pups to get better soon - I hope she does and is home soon.

Sister love.

Mr. Black

All snuggled in together.

*Magnum decided to 'relieve' himself on the lounger today. Yes - the same lounger that he often makes a bed out of on hot summer days and nights. Whatever! I set the deck up for the first time in 2 weeks and that's what he does. Oh naughty boy.

I was a little similar to SuperWoman today - sans any super powers - but I went all day long. Up early, 5 loads of laundry - all except one hung out to dry, worked in the gardens and on the pots, shopped, dog walked, made dinner and a bunch of other stuff in between. 

During the day, I tried the Sweet Potato and Chickpea Fritters - they tasted really good, but I need to master them before I can take a pic and post the recipe. I need to not be so impatient when they are cooking - and add something to bind them together a bit more. I think a little flour added to the egg that I used will do the trick.

On our shopping trip yesterday, I found a great set of popsicle moulds. I mixed low fat french vanilla yogurt and blueberries (still addicted to them) and added them to the moulds - and they turned out really good. Chris loved them. One of my new magazines Joc got me has a recipe for Bellini popsicles - oh yes, I plan to make them soon.

Alright, that's it for me. I am nursing a sore cat. I think that Ogre may have a broken bone in his leg or paw. He is nursing it and not putting any weight on it - but is hobbling around pretty good and has a pretty big appetite. We were waiting to see what happens - so tomorrow is probably going to be a visit to the doc. Poor little guy. 

Ok - the new week is among us. August is almost over. Write your list of everything that you wanted to do this summer and didn't have a chance to - you still have time. I wanted to have my girlfriends party this summer - and I have not had a chance - so I am hoping that I can still make it happen.

Be good.


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