Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh how I've missed ye.

It's seems like forever since I've posted. I have to admit, and although it may sound weird, I have totally missed my blog. I have missed adding my recipes, missed divulging all of my secrets and although I know there are quite a few people that read and don't post comments (you should, it's fun) - I have missed feeling connected to you guys.  So... here we go. I have a bunch to post - my comings and going of this lovely thing that we call SUMMER. 

My birthday was lovely. Chris spoiled me with a lovely 'Trek' bike (which I haven't had a chance to ride yet). So spoiled. I am excited to start my fitness regime riding to work.

Our Family Kung Fu party was lovely. It was so much fun. We had 23 guests - and I think that everyone had a really great time. I love to entertain like that. I love everything from setting the tables, to putting the plates and napkins out, to doing the goody bags for the kids. My only regret - was that I didn't take nearly enough pictures that day. It was hot that day - oh thank goodness it didn't rain.

On the menu:
Mini turkey burgers with havarti cheese - I ordered mini hamburger buns from Art's Bakery on Burnside - they were so cute - and delicious.
Mini hot dogs 
Grilled pizzas - pesto, figs, goat cheese and pine nuts - tomato with basil - and 3 cheese
Main course
Chicken skewers - with plain yogurt, lemon and garlic
Sirloin skewers - marinated in orange juice and soya sauce and garlic
Greek orzo salad
Homemade cupcakes made by Rosalyn (a friend at work) - so fun!!!! And so delicious.

After our party - we went to a watch Unleash the Archers. Maybe not my style of music - but so much fun!

The following week, included a quick trip to East Sooke Park for a picnic and a little walk with the pups. And then off to Point Roberts.  Oh how I love Point Roberts.

My definition of Point Roberts is - pure relaxation. I typically say that there isn't really anything to do there - so R&R is what you are able to perfect on your visit. It's always a treat to spend time with my nephews - I just wish that I had a little more 1:1 time with them. Chris enjoyed himself too - he had lots of naps and enjoyed more than a few Henry Weinhard's. Yumma. 

We spent a day with my nephews and my sister at Playland. It's been so many years since I've been on any sort of rides. And we indulged on many. I was impressed that I didn't wet them.

My good friend Jocelyn with her daughter, Brenna,  joined us at the Point for the last weekend. It was such a nice visit with them. We figured it had been 10 years since they had been there. Jules did an appy get together for all of her neighbours - I did the food - Jocelyn helped so much. She also showed me how to make pizza on the grill - homemade pizza dough!!! I can't wait to share this recipe with you.

I made a lovely cobbler from scratch one night - my mom and I made the recipe up as we went and it turned out so well.

As I sit here in my living room - typing out my deepest darkests (well not really) I am feeling truly blessed and feel very fortunate. My thoughts are with a high school friend for the loss of her son, for my co-worker for a quick recovery from a bad accident and for Heidi and Michael for having to deal with a sick pup.

Drop me a line and tell me what you have been up to. What have you been cooking? I think that we're in need for a contest soon - I have some treats that I'd love to share.

Hope you're all well. 



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