Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh to be 21 again.

I am at the end of a great day. It started nice and early with a Starbucks in hand, my love to my right and two dogs at my feet. Followed by a wonderful day with my friend Jocelyn. Then a nice dinner and a movie - What Happens in Vegas - and I am just about ready to hit the hay.

Joc and I went downtown together - had lunch at one of our old favourites - Garricks' Head Pub - 2 visit to Starbucks, and a bunch of great shops in between. I found a great pair of black shoes - with a tiny heel, some of my favourite Rosemary Mint soap and some fun popsicle moulds. They are in the freezer right now - I will share them tomorrow - when they are all good and ready. 

Although I don't see Jocelyn often - we always have a good time together when we do. I feel fortunate to have a good friend, one that is understanding when we lost touch for months, and one that I have such wonderful and lasting memories.  I seem to have a good memory and can remember so many things. We are happy that we lived through our 'crazy days' - and I think that Joc agrees - that we probably wouldn't have changed a thing.

Tonight's dinner was a quick and simple pasta - using what I had in the fridge. The Root Cellar is calling my name - tomorrow will be a much needed shop. I don't really have a recipe - I literally used what was in the fridge. That is what I love about cooking - don't worry about following a recipe, use what you have on hand.

I used:
1 smallish zucchini - cut in half, then quartered, then thinly sliced
3 tomatoes - chopped into small pieces
1/2 package of organic baby spinach
Olive oil
Chicken stock
Goat cheese 
3 boneless skinless chicken breasts

To avoid too many dishes - I grilled the chicken on the grill (ok Chris did that part). After boiling the pasta, I drained it, and then used the same pot to cook up the veggies. I added a bit of olive oil, then added the veggies, garlic and basil, cooked them up added some stock, then the chicken, and added the chicken - gave it a good toss - and then added the goat cheese. It was a super good dinner, quick and super easy.

For lunch today we shared a clubhouse and a sweet potato and chickpea fritter - so I am going to see if I can make that tomorrow. It was delicious. 

The rest of the weekend - the one day that is left - will hopefully will be slow mo. We have a dog walk planned with our neighbour tomorrow, then hopefully a visit with the new puppies at Heidi's, then maybe a movie - G.I Joe - and then attempting the fritters.

I hope that you're all enjoying the weekend - embrace it - it goes by oh so fast.



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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't change a single thing Cheryl...and yes there are times I am not quite sure how we survived those college days. I am so glad we are a little less crazy now. Visiting the point with you and lunch/shopping on saturday at our old stomping grounds was so fun. Having so much time to share and catch up was amazing. Loved that Brens got to hang around with the Mitchell clan too. You all are such good people. I feel so at home with you and your family always, even though so much time slips by between. I'll send photos soon. Thanks for cropping the one you posted ;) Keep blogging - reading it is one of my favourite things!