Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rainy days.

Birthday flowers - nice to see on a dark raining day

Oh the rain. I secretly love it - but I want it to be summer. Summer - sitting on the deck, gardening, eating outside, doors and windows all open filling the house with glorious fresh air. The rain is good, good for our lovely earth, but lets wait until the fall when autumn is expecting it. 

I am writing a quick note - we are just about to start 'The Soloist'. I have made a big batch of popcorn (I'm just waiting on a visitor to leave :) ). 

Tonight's dinner was leftover homemade pizza that I made last night. Last night I picked up some multigrain pre-made pizza crusts (so good), a jar of pizza sauce, a jar of pesto, chicken, spinach, mozzarella and some italian sausage. I had mushrooms, green and red pepper, goat cheese and pine nuts. 

These pizzas are super easy and healthy. I didn't overload them with cheese. I did 4 different ones:
1. Pesto, spinach, chicken, goat cheese and pine nuts - layered in that order. 
2. Tomato sauce, spinach, chicken, mushrooms and mozza.
3. Tomato sauce, italian sausage, green/red pepper, mushrooms and mozza.
4. Mix of tomato sauce and pesto, spinach, fresh tomatoes, a little green and red pepper topped with a very small amount of mozza. 

Baked in a 425 oven for about 12 minutes - with the pizza shells directly on the rack.
I wish that I took pictures.   

It looks like she is half in the sand but she isn't - she doing some fancy dancing

*Guest is still here - that's 20 minutes. It was supposed to be a quick visit to pick up a disk. Sigh.

So... that's all for me. The weekend is calling us. We're coming little one - and let's enjoy every minute of it.



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